Shenmue HD is real, finished 'for well over a year'

An HD port of Shenmue is indeed heading to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, and development on the title has been “finished for well over a year”, according to an industry source speaking to GamerZines.

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Emilio_Estevez2195d ago

Why all the teasing for Shenmue!?! Just get it done already.

Yi-Long2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

.. they're postponing release until they know what to do with the franchise.

Anyway, IF this is true, and the games are already finished, I sure hope it isn't a lazy port.
If it was completed over a year ago, it means they have had all the time in the world between finishing it and releasing it to polish it up as pretty and brilliant as possible!

If we're once againg getting a lazy poor mediocre HD-port from Sega, and there have already been too many, then it would be inexcusable!

-Mika-2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

This is obviously fake. A game company would not put a game on hold for over a year because they don't know they want do with the franchise. The longer they wait to release it, the more money they are wasting. This is why this article is fake.

Redempteur2195d ago

As much as i want it to be true "Mika" is right...
You don't do an HD port for quick buck to keep it under wrap for a year..

Better you think about the franchise AFTER you see how well the HD port sold..

I , too call out for a fake

Kurylo3d2195d ago

I dont know, I would hold onto it and release it at the same time or right before shemnue 3... its the power of social advertising.. Garner attention for 1 title to get the rest of the franchise selling much better. Perhaps there working on shemnue 3 and want to release them near each other. Just like when god of war collection was released right before god of war 3. I bought collection just so i could play through 1 and 2 before i hit up 3.

EVILDEAD3602195d ago

Greatest news in gaming HISTORY!!!!

The release of Shenmue on XBLA/PSN is EPIC!!


Skizelli2195d ago

@Yi-Long: I can't speak for other Sega HD ports, but I thought they did a fantastic job with Daytona USA. If only Sega Rally got the same treatment.

tdogg060519912195d ago

Ok for people who think this is fake look at nintendo they have intentionally post poned some of their greatest franchises as to not interfere with the other games coming out. Isn't it more likely for a company to push a game at the right time. I think its highly plausible.

Jihaad_cpt2194d ago

@ Mika & Redempteur

You guys are right not sure who the fools are that disagreed with you.

Apparently they think companies can just develop games and not release them. I wont about "gamers" mentality sometimes.

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CarlitoBrigante2195d ago

Just imagine Shenmue III in full glory on PS4 or Dreamcast 2! If I was a millionaire I would be funding Shenmue III myself, best story ever written!

DragonKnight2195d ago

Lol Dreamcast 2. Keep the hope alive son, keep the hope alive.

specialguest2195d ago

Shenmue production cost was $47 mil, equivalent to $64 mil in today's money.

SilentNegotiator2195d ago


LOL, and if history serves, he probably still wouldn't make half of it back.

hkgamer2194d ago


I'm not sure if he even wants his money back, he like everyone else just wants to finish the shenmue saga and probably doesn't care how much they spend.

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showtimefolks2195d ago

if released on a disk must buy day one if digital only i may take the wait and see, i know i want the games but too many games in backlog

how about these 2 on one disk for 29.99? and the money go towards showing sega this game has a market since yakuza series has done well outside japan

50Terabytespersec2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

One word sums it up Boring!
Sega is a flop of a COMPANY and can learn a thing or two from the Metal Gears Franchise or the Yukuza also!
Shenmue had potential but was too Rated G so phoney and so cartooney ..
Give it Guns and Drugs and real underground violence and it will sell like heck ,put some stealth in and some Massive action like Uncharted?
But sadly it is rated G and a child's game. BTW I owned all games and had all Sega Hardware at one time.

fluidmint2194d ago

Yakuza is by Sega! Without Shenmue, Yakuza wouldn't exist.

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tiffac0082195d ago

Please let it be true and then make Shenmue III and finish the story. That would make this Shenmue fanboy happy~!

Lord_Sloth2195d ago

Perhaps they're trying to build a budget for Senmue 3 by testing fan demand.

Hellsvacancy2195d ago

I dont think i prepared to invest all that time into Shenmue again, i think ill just wait for 3

NYC_Gamer2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Shenmue 3 would cost a lot to fund and i really don't think Sega will get behind the project. Yu Suzuki wouldn't want to produce a half ass game with limited funding.

squallheart2195d ago

They might as well sign a deal with sony since they dont mind funding unique titles. I mean sega already had a lot of unique titles only for ps3 mainly the yakuza franchise.

AusRogo2195d ago

Oh god, fuck yes please!

DarkSniper2195d ago

Dark Sniper would be willing to buy Shenmue for each console and for each profile...twice.

Simply put, Shenmue is the greatest game ever made and Dark Sniper hopes Sega doesnt jerk the fans around this time.

Yu Suzuki himself has all but confirmed Shenmue HD is real. It shouldnt surprise anyone that the title does exist. Just remember that a fully completed version of Goldeneye 007 (n64) was completed and ready for release on XBLA and no one knew about it.

Either way, Sega wouldnt be doing this if they were not taking the third game in serious consideration. Only time will tell. But this has been long overdue.


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