I am Alive nets over one million in revenue

Since releasing on March the 7th on Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade, Ubisoft's I am Alive has had over 102,000 downloads.

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bunt-custardly2292d ago

I was ready to buy this, until a friend beat me to it, played it, completed it, and said it was crap. Maybe I'll ponder some more, as I did actually enjoy the trial.

49erguy2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Your money would be better spent on Journey.

Voxelman2292d ago

So what they are saying is that it brought in less revenue than a game that isn't even made yet (Wasteland 2)? lol

With $1,000,000 "revenue" (for MS not Ubisoft, IDK what the cut would be) that is likely pretty bad considering the game has been in development hell so long and was originally going to be a retail game. It probably cost over $5 million to make.

Also their comments about PC look even stupider considering a game like Dear Esther with no marketing plus it was an art game, not to mention it's a remake of a free mod sold 50k copies in under a week on Steam.

Noticeably_FAT2292d ago

Comments about the PC are well said actually. Its a pretty rare thing for PC games to actually sell, everyone knows PC gamer's pirate like crazy. I wouldn't want my game getting ripped off on PC either.

On the subject of the game though, its actually pretty good.

2292d ago
NYC_Gamer2292d ago

I guess that's why Remedy made profit for Alan Wake within hours on Steam right?Doubt they made any real profit from the 360 version since they have to pay MS and all the other fees.

TheDareDevil2292d ago

The money for Wasteland 2 is going into developing the it's not exactly revenue.

Voxelman2292d ago

And the "Revenue" that the article talks about is MS revenue not Ubisoft revenue. Plus it is revenue anyway they are basically taking pre-orders and using the money to fund the game, they are taking money in exchange for services. If a publisher pays a developer to develop a game then that is revenue for the developer.

RaidensRising2292d ago

If only we knew the true cost of development for this title then we'd know if it was a success or bombed.

Daver2292d ago

I will get it when it releases on PSN