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Gravity Rush on PlayStation 3

Gematsu: "Before Gravity Rush became the PlayStation Vita title it is today, it was a PlayStation 3 game called Gravite. Today, SCE Japan Studio shared a concept video of what it looked like in 2008, before development moved to Vita." (Gravity Daze, Gravity Rush, PS Vita, PS3)

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Yi-Long  +   1299d ago
It looks absolutely awesome...
... I wish it was playable on PS3 as a PSN-title..
colleen-wyndam   1299d ago | Spam
miyamoto  +   1295d ago
*jaw drops & picks it up from the floor
this is state of the art original & creative!
i loved to ride that camera!
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Reaper9937  +   1299d ago
I wish it was playable on PS3 as a disk release title.
tarbis  +   1299d ago
Looks amazing on PS3. Maybe in the future Gravity Daze titles it can be playable for both PSV and PS3.
tiffac008  +   1299d ago
Transfarring? Why not~ lol!
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from the beach  +   1299d ago
Stunning footage.
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svoulis  +   1299d ago
One thing Haters can't deny. Sony makes some damn good exclusives.
Hicken  +   1299d ago
Watch em try.
cpayne93  +   1299d ago
Oh they deny it all right. They deny it all the time.
r21  +   1299d ago
that was ps3 footage of the game? wow, the vita nearly matches it.
pythonxz  +   1299d ago
Besides a bit higher resolution textures and maybe some shaders, it looks almost exactly the same. That is a huge compliment to the Vita.
Sevir  +   1299d ago
It looks awesome!
I Can't wait to get this game on the Vita!
gtxgamer2  +   1299d ago
*jaw drop*

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