Now more Microsoft job ads mention Xbox 'Platform Next'

Yesterday, Microsoft quickly pulled a pair of job ads from its website that mentioned the ‘next-generation’ Xbox.

But now a handful of other Microsoft ads featuring talk of the next-gen Xbox have been uncovered by GamerZines, revealing that Microsoft Game Studios is hiring for work on a ‘next-generation project’.

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Boody-Bandit2198d ago

It's odd that we keep seeing all these articles about MS looking for help to roll out their next gen console yet it was reported that they have no plans of debuting it at E3. I don't see how they are going to go business as usual unless of course they plan on announcing it at the end of 2012 or possibly having E3 2013 all about the new console which will release in the Fall of that year.

I just don't see MS waiting longer than Early 3rd quarter 2013 to release their "next box".

EliteDave932198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Since they just looking for people to help build the next Xbox it seems that they are far from done with it. So ofc they wont debute it @ E3 2012 ( like they just said they WONT )

gamingdroid2198d ago

Sounds more like MS is ramping up for the next Xbox!

You generally start manufacturing at the earliest 6-month prior to release, so we are more than a year away.

That said, MS debut their console on MTV in May of 2005 for a release 4-5 months later so revealing it next year isn't out of the question for a release in 2013.

DeadlyFire2198d ago

Fall 2013 launch. E3 2012 debut. To many beans hitting the floor to not be true.

Boody-Bandit2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

I hope so.
I think anything after 2013 would be a disaster.
This generation is the longest I can ever remember without having new hardware hit retail, but I am getting old and memory is the first thing that fades.

Can anyone remember a longer time between the release of new hardware in the gaming industry?

DeadlyFire2197d ago

There has never been a gap like this. The real truth would scare ya. Microsoft planned originally to launch new console in 2010, Nintendo in 2011, and Sony was uncertain. They pushed it back a little. Looks like Sony might launch in 2014. Either way even senior tech guy at Sony states we will see PS4 in PS3's 7th year. Meaning E3 2013. Makes me a little uncertain if it will show up at E3 2012.

Either way. New consoles are coming at last in 2012/2013 or so.

tehpees32198d ago

They would release November next year. November seems to be a target month for MS. But its pretty funny how we are hearing more rumours on the next Xbox than we are Wii U.

Pokemon_Master2198d ago

I am so afraid of skyrocketing costs, that devs will only put 1 game on it maybe every 5 years, and because it has to sell or go bankrupt, you need to make a shooter

Simon_Brezhnev2198d ago

if games are $70-80. I wont get into next gen no time soon.

BuffMordecai2198d ago

Companies would go under because of their own greed if that happened.

tigertron2198d ago

Its the same story every generation.

I'm of the opinion that next-gen tech will make things more easy for developers, thus saving money.

Who knows...but what I do know is that next-gen is right around the corner.

Pokemon_Master2198d ago

this gen hasnt made things easier

last gen overall we got around 40 games a month on all systems

now its down to 10-15 on a really really good month, less than 10 most months

Whats going to happen next gen?

Maybe 5 a month?

gamingdroid2198d ago


True, but we also get a lot of XBLA type games. Some of them are good enough to be a full on disc release in the previous generation.

Next generation, who knows... the tools might be so good indie's can make Xbox 360/PS3 disc based games?

DeadlyFire2198d ago

I am afraid of this. Most games have servers shut down between 2-3 years after launch so this wouldn't work. Unless a MMO model was introduced. I am not a fan of the MMO era, but with yearly games I don't see how it would really bother them. Buy a new chapter of the story and some new maps every 6 months. I think eventually it will happen, but I don't want it unless an MMO can be made fun.

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Noticeably_FAT2198d ago

I was convinced that Microsoft would announce a new console this year, but now I'm almost 100% sure it wont be this year at all.

Microsoft was number 1 world wide in 2011 and that was without a price cut. I would guess that they are going to cut the price of the Xbox 360s and the Kinect. That should sustain them easily through the rest of this year and into next year.

With the Star Wars Kinect console also helping to push sales.

We already know about Halo 4 and Forza Horizon, but there is also supposed to be a rebooted franchise that is getting a release this year, and a "Killer sequel" which many are guessing to be Killer Instinct.

Throw in games like Witcher 2, Crimson Dragon, Fable The Journey, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor and Kinect Star Wars and Microsoft has plenty to keep people busy this year.

Microsoft is smart and wont pull Nintendo by announcing a new console a year before they plan on releasing it, which pretty much kills off sales for the current console.

It is obvious however that Microsoft is gearing up to take the world by storm next generation though. I'm dying to hear more about this new AAAA game franchise and would love to see a new Gears/Alan Wake on the NextBox.