SurvivalCast 78: On Fire Edition

The SurvivalCast crew of Tom (@Letsgetacid) and Craig (@NJMane)are back to discuss all the latest from the gaming industry. Tom visits the Galloping Ghost Arcade and enjoys MK9 with his new Cross Fire Converter. Craig discusses I Am Alive and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. This week’s news topics include Double Fine’s Kickstarter haul, XBLA achievements cap increased, No Halo 4 beta, Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, disappearing Gamerscore, Phil Harrison, Mass Effect FPS, Diablo III release date, New Xbox 720 rumors, 2 million units sold for Alan Wake, Deadly Premonition coming to the PS3, Angry Birds Space, layoffs at IGN/1UP/Obsidian, Giant Bomb purchased by CBS Interactive, joining forces with the Mythbusters and more! Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter (@SurvivalCast). Feel free to shoot us question and comments for the next show. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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