GameInformer: Ranking The Tony Hawk Series

Dan Ryckert writes:

"Long before Call of Duty and Guitar Hero became cultural phenomenons with annual installments, Activision found major success in an unlikely place. Few extreme sport games have found mass appeal beyond their built-in fanbase, but Tony Hawk's Pro Skater struck a chord with gamers of all types when it released in 1999. The series' addictive, highly skill-based gameplay and wacky sense of humor kept it relevant for several years, before eventually falling in the eyes of critics and fans. With the highly-anticipated Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD coming later this year, we decided to take a look at the highs and lows of the long-running series. Read on to see how we rank the Tony Hawk series from worst to best."

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kesvalk2465d ago


Tony Hawk 2
the rest of the series...

Sarobi2465d ago

I have always been a big fan of Underground 1, simply because of how fun the Online was.