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What Game Do You Resolve to Finally Finish in 2008?

Gaming Steve writes: "With 2007 about to end in just a few hours I started to go through my New Year's Resolutions. Oh sure, I got the 'regulars' in there – lose weight, get in shape, blah, blah, blah – but the ones that I really spend some time thinking about and actually try to keep are my 'gaming resolutions.' You know what I'm talking about, which games do you 'absolutely resolve to finally finish next year?'" (Culture)

Darkiewonder  +   2670d ago
In No Particular order
Dragon Warriors VII
Dragon Warriors VIII
Odin Sphere
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Tales of Legendia
Crackdown [lol I know. But I really got it for the Halo 3 Beta ;P]
Shadow Heart II
Final Fantasy Tactics [psp]
Jeanne D'Arc
Lunar 2
I think I should stop right there. I have way more games to finish. Just never could get the time to play it ;(

Oh yeah. DMC3. :x
cloud360-7th_account  +   2670d ago
dont play FFXII
GoLeafsGo  +   2670d ago
Jecht-Sin is a *****.
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Gazman  +   2670d ago
Whatever I end up buying this year.

But as always to get 100% in GTA4 when it comes out
LeShin  +   2670d ago
Oblivion: Game of the year edition

54 hours in and still going. Trying to complete main story but i'm a sucker for the little caves and side quests I keep bumping into lol

Ridge Racer 7, Motorstorm (level 4 races are a b***h!) and Assassins Creed (nearlry done....I think :))
BlackCountryBob  +   2670d ago
I have yet to complete The Darkness, Ratchet, Motorstorm and Assassins Creed and the Master league on PES could do with a hammering too, add to that my need to drastically improve at Super Stardust and my desire to complete the £2 copy of GTA VC I bought means I aint buying any more games until April at least when I'll pick up a cheap copy of Burnout.

Its a good thing coz I can't afford any new games, need to pay off the credit card that bought all the games before Christmas!
Skerj  +   2670d ago
Hah that list is waaaaaaaaaaay too long for me, if I had to count it had to be at least 110 or so games I've not finished. SO I've started on the really long RPGs first. FFX, FFXII, Front Mission 4, Xenosaga 2 and 3, Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Devil Summoner, Odin Sphere, Brave Story, and about a half dozen more. And those are just RPGs, I've got gaming ADD!!
shrimpboat  +   2670d ago
Final Fantasy XII
Mass Effect
Assassins Creed
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Dead Rising
Mario Galaxy

I already beat all the other AAA games last year COD4, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Halo 3, Bioshock, Heavenly Sword all beaten
superman  +   2670d ago
I have plenty
Uncharted (im at chapter 20, will probably finish today)
Rachet PS3
Assansins Creed
Lost Planet
Dead Rising
Blue Dragon
Halo 3
Jade Empire
Sonic 360
Heavenly Sword
Xenosaga 2&3
Persona 3
Final Fantaasy 9(I can finish this today, but i just dont want to end it)
Dragon quest 8

So many more i cant even count.
cloud360-7th_account  +   2670d ago
Final Fantasy XII.

I wont finish it because i dont want to every second is killing me inside. I am saying this in a way as if a hate the game.

Its a dissapointment
Lex Luthor  +   2670d ago
Dead rising
mintaro  +   2670d ago
half life 2
ep 1
ep 2
and viva pinata(just so damn hard to get a chewnicorn)
Covenant  +   2670d ago
Assassin's Creed
Blue Dragon
Simpsons Game
Orange Box

That's just what I have now, and doesn't count what I'll buy during the year.

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