GamesEyeView: Why I Liked the Mass Effect 3 Ending (Eventually)

GEV Says: WARNING! This article will discuss key elements of the plot of Mass Effect 3, and will be spoiler heavy. If you’re still playing the game, and don’t want the plot spoiled for you, turn back now. We’ve left our review spoiler free for a reason. We will also be discussing the online reaction to the endings, both good and bad. If this interests you, or you have questions of your own about the ending of Mass Effect 3, we welcome you. Otherwise, please come back after you’ve completed the game. You’ve been warned.

By now, you’ve probably read our review of Mass Effect 3. As we mentioned in the review, the ending has received quite a contentious response from the community. This is because at the end of the game, things just don’t seem to be quite right. Let us explain (this is where the spoilers begin. Last warning).

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49erguy2463d ago

"It ‘s hard enough getting taken seriously as “legitimate journalism” when you’re part of an enthusiast industry. Insulting your core demographic probably isn’t going to help any."

You know, my aunts laughed at me when the ending legitimately depressed me. "it's just a silly game." Talking to other gamers who understand the significance of five years of choices helps. In addition, reading through people's analysis has made me feel a whole lot better and the PERFECT ending really puts my fears to rest. I've found that people have legitimate points as to what the ending meant and I hope the SP DLC puts things in perspective.

Nightshade3862463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

On some level, I'm glad that of all 2500 words in the article, that's the bit you decided to quote. I don't necessarily agree with the angry outcry on the internet, but everyone is entitled to an opinion - whether it's cynical or hopeful. And if those people who are displeased are doing something positive over it all, it's sad that our enthusiast "press" seems to think that's a bad thing. If it helps sick kids, it can't be bad.

Pintheshadows2463d ago


The problem I have with the indoctrination theory is that it isn't an ending. Outside of Shepards mind the Reapers would still be laying waste to everything. Your friends and fleets would still be fighting. That just leaves us back at the start of the game again. That isn't an acceptable conclusion. It's an escape route to constructing a real one. It basically renders the whole theme of the game irrelevant.

Unless we assume Harbinger has a hissy fit because he can't indoctrinate Shepard and decides to give up.

In any case, it doesn't explain Stargazer or the Normandy fleeing or the fact that your team, who were all in London are miraculously aboard. I think that Bioware dropped the ball. Nothing more.

Nightshade3862463d ago

The theory is that the crew members being back on board the Normandy is part of the lie, as is the color pallet of the explosion at the end. None of that matters, cause it doesn't actually happen. EVERYTHING in the finale is an illusion, up to the point Shepard is seen buried under the rubble. That's him shaking off the indoctrination.

We thought we were getting a game about saving the galaxy. We got a game about the battle for one man's soul - Humanity's greatest champion.

Pintheshadows2462d ago


Nah, sorry dude. The indoctrination theory is clutching at straws. For example, the Prothean VI on Thessia can detect indoctrination and it doesn't indicate that Shepard is indoctrinated.

Not only that but the indoctrination theory always has Shepard as a subject. Seeing the child. The dreams. The moans of the reapers.

If they are indoctrinating him with a view to influencing his choice through his eyes then there is no reason to show the Normandy at all. Shepard has made his choice so it won't make a difference. The reapers no longer have a reason to trick Shepard or the player.

Nightshade3862462d ago

As I said, it's all Harbinger's ATTEMPT to indoctrinate Shepard. As full indoctrination has not taken effect by the time you arrive on Thessia, the VI would not detect it.

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002463d ago

there full of nonsense, Lets teleport away with space magic and leave Shepard's corpse rotting on earth.

TAILWHIP2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

yeah, this is what I thought after reading it on the bioware forums. Great ending for the 3rd game.

Ultimate mission of defeating the reapers was satifying, but not quite bringing together the entire series, what happens with Krogan multiplication?, etc.

what's life like in the future for humanity, did we learn from our mistakes, etc. The ending chat after the credits, among the stars is just to vague for such a massive story.

Hopefully DLC to make everyone happy. This would be excellent because it leaves much needed time to understand what actually happened after a few play through and appreciate the outcomes (I got indoctrinated the first time hehe) and rap up the aftermath of the entire series.