The Xbox 360 hardware problems - why wasn't the fallout nastier?

Monday, December 31st, 2007 - The Xbox 360 did far better than it deserved in 2007 despite its hardware deficiencies (and Microsoft's atrociously slow acknowledgment and response.)

Mike Antonucci of The San Jose Mercury News would like to know: How come more consumers and gamers didn't avoid it based on the screaming headlines about its dubious quality?

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Anything but Cute3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

A lot more people bought XBOX 360 this year, a lot more red rings in 2008 and every year since the XBOX 360 is really weak.

mesh13799d ago

@bladestar i found that out a while ago this site is a joke all the people wit the power to approve articles ARE SONY TROLLS its plain to see i gave up wrting replys on this wait of space .

whoelse3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

What this is about is there are more Sony supporters than Xbox supporters because people realize that the 360 cant compete with the PS3 and this year is Sonys year and the 360 will fall short of the competition.

ThePantsMobile3798d ago

Open your eyes you corporate whore. If there where more sony supporters wouldn't the ps3 be selling more than the 360 and have a larger attach rate? Wouldn't Blu ray actually be successful (P.S. no hd format is successful, and if you believe so, then haven't seen dvd sales compaired to both formats combined)? You are just as mindless and brainwashed as the 360 fanboys. In fact, any console fanboy is just a tool of a company. regain your dignity, please for the sake of free will.

Xbox is the BEST3800d ago

RROD couldn't stop the 360 what make people think Sony and their overhyped games will?

Rama262853799d ago

I agree with that statement except for the "overhyped games". I think you'll find that is what Sony's problem is - they don't hype their games enough. If you want to see an overhyped game then you only really need to look at Halo 3 - it even managed to appear on normal news!!

MaximusPrime3799d ago

RROD couldnt stop sale because M$ is greedy. Still advertising and kept quiet about RROD.

Clearly M$ is very greedy.

rich13er3799d ago

Its becasue MS handled the issue the best why they could. Greedy would be not extending the warranty and taking a couple billion dollar lost on their service and supoort side of the business.

Granted they should have done alot more product testing before the 360 come out.

Fanboy Slaughter3799d ago

Listed as FANBOY of the XBOX360 persuasion.

have a nice day

ThePantsMobile3798d ago

fanboy slaughter, I haven't seen you enough, but thank you for reporting fanboys. This way I can find them and help remove their bubbles where ever you post. Lets cure the website, one by one if we have to.

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Boink3800d ago

as MS is excellent at damage control, they've had the practice:)