TVersity is here

TVersity is here with:

* Support for the Sony PS3 firmware 2.1.
* Transcode settings at the file/folder/url level.
* A new optional menu hierarchy for folders only.

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Boink3583d ago

see this is news, bollywood releases? not news.

killer_trap3583d ago

it hepls you share fiels between your ps3 and pc and play unsupported videos formats on your ps3...

by the way i'm having trouble with some avi files on ps3. the system only plays 13 seconds of the whole video. i thought maybe the new TVersity update will solve it but it didn't. anyone having the same problem?

wil4hire3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Makes your computer into a streaming media server. Allows you to copy Movies/Photos/Mp3s to your hdd, or just stream them to your PS3/360.

@ Killer Trap.

What codec? Does it PAUSE... and will it play if you just 1.5x it?

killer_trap3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

the videos run perfectly on my pc. but when i try to play them on ps3. wether from the ps3 HDD or through TVersity it only play 13 seconds.

i use the codecs that come with the TVersity program.

edit: @SonyDefenceForce......look at wil4hire post to know what it does.
ohh and the program also supports xbox360

Lew_Ijgee3583d ago

You may be experiencing that problem due to your computer not being able to transcode the video fast enough to keep up with streaming the video to your PS3. This problem is really common if you try to fast forward beyond 1.5x. Check the settings for your Tversity to adjust the quality of the transcode if you continually have these issues.

killer_trap3582d ago

well the files actually don't need to be transcoded since the ps3 already supports them. but thanks for the try anyways. bubble for you & wil4hire.

wageslave3582d ago

"what does this do?

It's a less feature-full, unstable, bloated, ugly second-rate streaming server for your PC.

Use this instead:

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SonyDefenseForce3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

what does this Mean? i have no idea what it is but it says SONY on it so hey PS3 FTW! only 8 Million Consoles behind the 360 and falling behind 2:1, 3:1< then 4:1 everyday but hey it's SONY! PS3 FTW!!!

rofldings3583d ago

Must be a new record ... going from 5 to 2 bubbles within 6 hours like that, SonyDefenseForce.

Bathyj3583d ago

Heres a hint. Next time you have no idea just shut the fuk up.

INehalemEXI3583d ago

Nice it converts media into whatever format you need too.

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