BioWare: On the Mass Effect 3 endings. Yes, we are listening

BioWare community co-ordinator Chris Priestly writes: "We understand there is a lot of debate on the Mass Effect 3 ending and we will be more than happy to engage in healthy discussions once more people get to experience the game. We are listening to all of your feedback."

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LOGICWINS2264d ago

Annnnd here comes the $10 DLC for the REAL ending!

RedDead2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Well played Bioware...well played

yeah Logic, i'm incredibly happy i'm pirating it. 50% atm. I'll buy the game when the uh...finish it.

LOGICWINS2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

U have to admit...what EA/Bioware did was brilliant. Wrong, but brilliant. They know how passionate their fanbase is, so they know they can be easily exploited.

It's going to be funny seeing people defend this.

@RedDeadDestroyer- I just got back from Gamechamp. Sold ME2 towards RE5 Gold. Been dying to play it since I got Move. As far as this is concerned, this is the way I see it.

From the Ashes was a test to see if gamers would tolerate a $10 expansion pack that was CLEARLY stripped from the main game and resold. ME3 shipped 3.5 million in its first week...hence gamers passed the test with flying colors, demonstrating once again that they enjoy being on all fours.

And guess what, now these same gamers will be fighting(creating petitions online) to have the opportunity to BUY DLC lmao.

lelo2play2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I bought the game... they won't get any more money from me for the DLC. I'll pirate the DLC if it's available. If it's not available, i'll see the ending on youtube.

TheBlackSmoke2264d ago

So your entitled to steal?, cool story bro.

Jobesy2264d ago

Hmmm, don't know where you got the dlc part from, your imagination? The statement they gave is the same every politician says, it basically means "f*** you".

joydestroy2264d ago

i won't be buying any ending DLC. perfectly okay with the ending they have. not getting From Ashes until it's at least half price. MP DLC is where my money will go.

vickers5002264d ago

"From the Ashes was a test to see if gamers would tolerate a $10 expansion pack that was CLEARLY stripped from the main game and resold. ME3 shipped 3.5 million in its first week...hence gamers passed the test with flying colors, demonstrating once again that they enjoy being on all fours."

Yes, because buying a great game that has a ton of content (especially compared to most other games out there) means that gamers are getting completely screwed over.

It couldn't possibly be that people are having a blast playing Mass Effect 3 without the DLC (that isn't even essential to enjoy the hell out of the game), no, gamers must just be getting screwed over. /s

Seriously though, I'm not defending this bullsh*t DLC crap that's been going on, but you're an idiot if you think that gamers are taking it in the ass just because they bought Mass Effect 3 and didn't boycott the game. The From Ashes DLC being excluded doesn't ruin the game in the slightest, there's still an amazing game there without that (aside from the ending apparently, though I haven't seen the ending yet so I'll judge that myself when I see it).

And hey, I'd rather have a 35-40 hour game like Mass Effect which has a great single player and a great multiplayer over something like Uncharted 3, which has a great 8 hour (at most)single player with solid multiplayer. The quality of Mass Effect 3, even WITHOUT the dlc, far exceeds something like Uncharted 3, and the majority of other games out there, so in this case, I'm willing to overlook a few dirty tactics. And seeing as how I bought the collectors edition (without even knowing that the prothean dlc would be exclusive to that edition, I just bought it because I like the mass effect franchise), the DLC stuff doesn't really affect me.

Deputydon2264d ago

Personally I think the DLC made the game far better story wise, to the point that I really have ask why it wasn't included. There is a very specific scene I had between Liara and Javik that involved Javik condoning the reaper attack on the Asari homeworld because they abused the beacon that they had there. It was a fairly emotional scene and a dramatic moment. But I still have to ask, even if it wasn't included in the original game, what about this DLC made it worth ten dollars? Five? Maybe, but ten? That is like the last ME2 DLC that was an hour long with zero dialog choices.

This was a 30 minute hike into a 'secret' Cerberus area were they were hiding a Prothean? I'm sorry, but if Cerberus really had a live Prothean, I highly doubt that Illusive man would have made it so easy to get to, and I doubt it would have taken a mere 20-30 minutes. I get that they need to pay the voice actor and what not, but still. It's a little ridiculous to charge ten dollars for what was essentially a 30 minute mission.

And people complain about MW $15 map packs... at least with those you get 4-5 new maps and, if you like the crap that is MW, you will be playing those maps for quite a long time. Far more than 30 minutes....

da_2pacalypse2264d ago

and by listening, they mean looking for more ways to rip people off for more DLC.....

AzaziL2264d ago

Say you bought a book and reading through it, you notice a couple chapters have been torn out and replaced with a page saying to pay another $10 for the chapters.

Who here would honestly go online and submit the $10 for a part of their book back when they could read it on someones blog for free (albeit illegally).

If it were for new chapters created in the months after publishing, then yes, you should pay for them but if they were chapters torn right out of the book and resold to captivate readers who want the whole story, that's just wrong.

ziggurcat2264d ago

@ logicwins:

the ashes content wasn't stripped from the disc. nice try, though.

SilentNegotiator2264d ago


Like I said in my blog (it's still on the top at the side of the main page, I believe), piracy isn't helping anyone.

You only became a statistic as a "potential customer" that they will create more oppressive DRM and passes to attempt to get, and more and more DLC to attempt to "make up" the "damages"

Can't you skip ONE game to make a stand?
If my FAVORITE game on the planet had all the baggage of ME3, I wouldn't touch it.

SkyGamer2264d ago

I don't know if I am angry at Bioware for the "from ashes" dlc. It came with Collector's Edition so it would make sense to give them something extra for the price. The ending though is bs. Haven't even started playing the third one and now I really don't want to. I worked really hard and tried to squeeze finishing the second to get ready for the third. hell even bought the strat guide. I won't be giving Bioware anymore money. The trilogy is done and like the above poster says, "all hail pirates!"

I don't think Bioware is as bad. I bet they get a lot of pressure from ea as ea only has a couple good games now.

badz1492264d ago

comparing ME3 to Uncharted 3 is just plain wrong and yeah...dumb! the former is a RPG, and the later is a straight out action game! how are they comparable again? and FYI, 30-40 hours for an RPG is SHORT and you can only finish UC3 in 8 hours if you play or normal or lower and ignore the treasures!

why not compare it with Skyrim? they are both RPGs! oh yeah...THAT will totally shows how much lacking ME3 in terms of contents for an RPG!

ME3 far exceeds the quality of UC3?! lol wake the fvck up dude! again, they are not comparable and even if you want to compare them, graphics, animations, and gameplay (TPS-wise), UC3 walks rounds over ME3!

MaxXAttaxX2264d ago

I guess they've known about the ending all along. $10 for real ending is quite possible.

crxss2264d ago

Listening isn't good enough. Action is demanded!

ravinash2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I've got plenty of other games to play until the cost of ME3 comes down.
I'm just trying my best not to read anything about the ending (good or bad).

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Bobby Kotex2264d ago

Pretty much right? I finished the game. I'm not butthurt over it, but I simply have no desire to go back. After paying $70 to get the full game, I'm not paying another penny. Whatever Bioware does is pointless unless they're giving us free content.

vortis2264d ago

It's insane because gamers are fighting just the opposite thing over in the Capcom camp.

I guess Capcom is the future version of what Bioware will inevitably become.

TruthSeeker2264d ago

Do you guys realize that this wasnt supposed to even be the ending for ME3? Remember when the whole game script leaked onto the internet? Bioware changed it to this ending

WitWolfy2264d ago

I never even knew about that.

2264d ago
Nimblest-Assassin2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

well their have been dlc leaks here

The one that follows up the ending called THE TRUTH is apparently free. It will follow the events after the Normandy crashes and it will follow Joker and the rest of the Normandy crew.

Other dlc that will cost money are called Aria and some other one that has not been confirmed yet.

Aria will pretty much star Aria as she attempts to take back Omega from Cerberus

All this stuff was leaked by the same guy whom leaked the Shadow Broker DLC.

Im hoping this is true... I just finished Me3 not minutes ago, and I would like for the series to continue.

Sure the ending sucked, but man the journey up to it was sooooooooooooo good.

Nimblest-Assassin2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )


Nothing is confirmed, but their is strong evidence that those will be the dlcs they release.

I hope they are the truth and the omega dlcs are the ones I want, and since the truth is supposed to be free, I hope that it is true.

And yes, that pic is legit.

PooEgg2263d ago

That would be cool if it was true. Although playing with Aria as the star is not interesting to me, I'd rather it star one of my surviving team mates. However, I really wanted an Omega mission, so I might still be interested.

Darth_Bane792263d ago

I am just glad I cancelled my preorder and didn't buy the game at all. Maybe I will get it someday when I see it on a shelf for 10$.

Nimblest-Assassin2263d ago

10 bucks? Dont hold your breath. A game like Mario Galaxy that came out 5 years ago is 49 bucks.

You will have to wait atleast 8-10 years before the price drops to that much.

Expect maybe 19 bucks at best

Darth_Bane792262d ago

That's why I said "maybe". So if it doesn't happen, the I just wont buy it. Are you going with Gamestop prices btw? I stopped buying games at that place a long time ago.

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Megaton2264d ago

I think they withheld the ending to avoid a 2nd leak. I imagine they were devastated when the ending was leaked last year. I think the one we have really is a placeholder. They didn't want any data of the actual ending on the disc or in the demos to avoid further data mining leaks. Of course if they charge for it, they'll have another sh*tstorm on their hands.

grahf2264d ago

If they don't charge for it, there will be a shitstorm. What about people that bought the game, beat it already, and in a fit of rage already sold it back? That would be just like EA to take a shot at the 2nd hand market... "Don't sell your EA games because you NEVER KNOW when we'll change something important... like the end..."

Megaton2264d ago

Yeah, impulsive angry people will be angrier, too. People without internet will also be getting the shaft. It's certainly a risky maneuver.

Simon_Brezhnev2264d ago

what was the leaked ending?

Megaton2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Well there were several things that leaked. The whole thing about dark energy and Shepard becoming a Reaper, and then I think another one similar to the one we have now also leaked, but with more detail and conclusion. If I remember correctly, there was something about Anderson and your LI pulling you out of the rubble if you survive.

The thinking now is that they rewrote the ending again since multiple versions had leaked.

And then there's this, which should be taken with a massive grain of salt:

SneeringImperialist2264d ago

"Of course if they charge for it, they'll have another sh*tstorm on their hands. " hahahaha I couldn't have put it better myself.

snipes1012264d ago

I already got the shaft. My college doesnt allow xbox's and the like to connect to their internet, so I basically got screwed out of the "best" ending because my galactic readiness neutered my effect fighting force by cutting it in half. Bioware said there would be "more than enough" resources to get the best ending. I find that hard to believe when I played the game for 40 hours and still did not have sufficient resources to get the best ending. I only missed a few side quests.

As for the possibility of a new ending, Bioware really should give it away for free if they end up redoing it. A lot of people feel let down by the current offering, to say the least. They cant be held accountable for people who lacked the foresight to hold on to the game and see if Bioware maybe did introduce a new ending.

dc12264d ago

I hope your right.
Plus bub for intelligent thought on N4G... something that’s hard to come by.

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Neckbear2264d ago Show
FCOLitsjustagame2264d ago

I'm not sure how this supposed "plot" is working out so well.

-The game is already dropping in price (which wouldnt happen yet if it was as good as it could be)

-Its getting terrible word of mouth (from the people who actually didn't like the ending and the people that just hate paying for product)

-If I get to the end and really hate it as much as some other people... I am not petitioning for more DLC, I am shoving it on the shelf and never looking at the franchise again. I guess maybe the really really hardcore fans wouldnt do this but I thought EA was trying to go after the bigger casual fan market.

So if this was a "plot" it was an bad one. More likely it was someone trying to be "artsy" and making a bad calculation and now they are scrambling for damage control.

wallis2264d ago

I simply can not understand the decision. In fact I've been trying to get my head around it and the only reasonable one I've got is that the whole thing was an indoctrination and there's more to come. In a weird way I don't mind if they want us to pay for the aftermath in DLC so long as it continues the campaign and let's me actually play a significant chunk and get closure. Even if it is evil it's not like they've stiffed me on play time - it is a good 50+ hours long.

However what I won't be happy with is paying $10 for a cutscene. Or worse paying $10 for the cutscene I want and if I fancy the others then I've got to pay more for them too.

I just can't get my head around it. The whole idea of such a basic ending decision compared to the complexity of mass effect 2's ending just leaves aghast. It's in the complete opposing direction of the gameplay mechanic of decision making. Decision making IS the gameplay mechanic behind mass effect that's what makes no sense. Surely Bioware understood the game they were making? Surely they understood the whole reason I play the damn thing is to have my own ending and not theirs? Why else would they go through all the rigor of having 200 plot hooks from one game to another!?

Mythicninja2264d ago

I haven't seen the ending yet, but consider this..... if the game completely ends, then how would they have post launch DLC- which they have had for both of the other mass effect games....and surely they would in this case as well. By the logic of money making alone.....we have not seen the real ending. I say this with the utmost confidence

FCOLitsjustagame2264d ago

They could have DLC where you have to replay or load a previous save. Didn't Gears 3 have SP DLC and that definitly came to an end.