Call of Duty dev would get in a tonne of trouble if next gen information was revealed

Beachhead Studio, the team behind Call of Duty Elite is well aware of what the platform holders are planning for the next generation, but revealing the juicy details would get them into real trouble.

Quizzed about how services such as Call of Duty Elite will integrate into the next generation, Beachhead product director Noah Heller told "I'd get in a tonne of trouble if I actually talked about the next generation of consoles, due to NDA issues. But I will tell you that we're entering a world where connectivity is the primary focus."

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xtreampro2080d ago

We already know all your next-gen plans.

COD9: Warfare becomes modern.
COD10: New Warfare
COD11: FareWar
COD12: Ops Black
COD13: Worlds of War in Battle L.A for World of Warcraft Warfare
COD14: Black Ops in Modern World at Battlefield 5 (<--WTF!)
COD15: Nuclear War fought Farley in Modern World of Mario at War in Karts Taking Revenge on The Sith. (<--This is gonna be a hit)

golsilva2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

thats just the first year of next gen for cod. wait until the second year...

jwk942079d ago

A new experience each month! What more could we ask for?

L6RD7BLU32079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Wait hold on for a spin off title COD:IN SPACE LOL

Boody-Bandit2078d ago

Taking Revenge on the Sith <- LOL!
Instant classic

GraveLord2078d ago

Wow you are obsessed with COD.
Don't be so mad bro, it's just a video game. Let it go.

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Intentions2079d ago

Oh I wish they would release the info, so that will determine if my interest for CoD will finally be put to rest.

Will only have good memories with CoD; from CoD 1 to CoD4, also WaW and Black ops just for zombies.

bumnut2078d ago

My interest in COD was put to rest after WAW. They gimped the PC versions after that (from 64 players down to 12), which is tragic because COD started out on PC.

SneeringImperialist2078d ago

Same here i lost general interest after waw, it just seemed like the last well done/properly entertaining cod.

ziggurcat2079d ago

"But I will tell you that we're entering a world where connectivity is the primary focus."

oh, great... more multiplayer...


pucpop2079d ago

not played cod, sounds fishy. no thanks. i did like sega bass fishing though...

tehpees32079d ago

Doesn't surprise me they know a lot. Nintendo are ready to launch this year so they will have information pretty much set now since E3 will show the final Wii U.

They are also a primary focus on making 360 successful towards the end so I'm sure they were one of the first Microsoft spoke to. I wonder how much MS can rely on timed CoD DLC next gen though. It can only go so long before people kick it. See many EA examples and Activision's Hero series. EA actually admitted its not a reliable practice and started supporting the idea of new IPs.

360GamerFG2079d ago

For now, its working for them, what with the xbox 360 recouping all its losses and being profitable. You know, the whole purpose for running a business. . .making money.

Persistantthug2079d ago

'No games' does nothing for me as a core gamer.....not a thing.

360GamerFG2079d ago

No games? Thats so weird, last I checked Mass effect sold 1.2 million on xbox first week. Thats alot of non games.

gamingdroid2078d ago

I find plenty of games as a core gamer and Xbox 360 keeps me playing them longer than any other platform thanks to the excellent Xbox Live platform that connects me to my friends.

More social gaming, I'm up for it! I love team work.

andibandit2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )


No it dosn't help you directly, but being the Obvious troll that you are, i do not blame you for not being able too look beyong the 4 walls that make up your parents basement.

btw you're not a core gamer, just a core troll

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