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Submitted by stonesnake 2962d ago | article

Letdown Central: The Most Disappointing Games of 2007

Gaming Steve writes: "In just about the best year for gaming ever, there were far more disappointments than one would expect. The following are by no means the worst games of the year – those I know well enough to avoid – but these still left quite the perturbing taste in my mouth." (Arcade, Battlestar Galactica, Calling All Cars, Culture, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Heavenly Sword, Hellgate: London, John Woo Presents: Stranglehold, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Medal of Honor: Airborne, PC, PS3, SSX Blur, The Darkness, Two Worlds, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Lex Luthor  +   2962d ago
zafeiriou  +   2962d ago
Lair is clearly the winner here. I don't know why the developers don't just release some sort of directors cut with a different control scheme rather than giving up on a title with so much potential. oh well.

And Two Worlds is a good close second for my money.
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socomnick  +   2962d ago
felman87  +   2962d ago
No Brawl in 07
blynx182  +   2962d ago
@ Lex Luthor and socomnick
BLUR111  +   2962d ago
right on target with darkness i liked stranglehold it was fun but didnt touch after a week of it .
SMK056  +   2962d ago
Heavenly Sword
Lost Planet
The Darkness
Calling All Cars
Medal of Honor: Airborne

what they doing in this lest?
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Salvadore  +   2962d ago
Is Calling all Cars that disappointing?

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