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EA Games To Shut Down Online Multiplayer Servers - Burnout Revenge, The Godfather & more

EA Games are planning to shut down old games servers starting April 13, 2012. Read below for more details. (Burnout Revenge, EA, FIFA '10, iPad, iPhone, Need For Speed ProStreet, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Yi-Long  +   1263d ago
This is ridiculous....
... you buy a product that advertises with ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY.

Thus that shouldn't be taken out.

I wonder what will happen once the current games which use ONLINE PASSES get older, and they pull the plug on the online. What about the people who have just purchased a 2nd hand game and an online pass for 10 bucks, and a few weeks/months later, the online disappears!?!?

Why isn't there a law about this. Aren't consumer rights being violated here!?
raytraceme  +   1263d ago
You do have to understand thet the servers for these cgames that basically NO ONE plays are hogging up space that can be used to improve the online functionality of games that most people play like fifa, battlefield etc...

Plus they said they shut down servers of games that barely a percent of the gaming community plays. Out of all the game servers being shut down, I can't see one that would effect anyone.
NYC_Gamer  +   1263d ago
Well,because the customer paid 60 bucks for the game or brought it used with that $10 pass and should be able to enjoy online regardless.
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dazzrazz  +   1263d ago
Chill dude, they shutting down servers for games nobody gives a shit anymore or even plays em
AusRogo  +   1262d ago
@nyc gamer, I doubt anyone will be buying burnout at 60 bucks right now. Since it doesnt even cost that.
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jimbobwahey  +   1263d ago
When you think about it, it's downright disgusting that you pay to play games online on Xbox Live, but then publishers can shut down the servers anyway. What exactly are those subscription fees paying for? It was shameful when the servers for Chromehounds were pulled down, and as somebody that loves Burnout Revenge I'm pretty frustrated that yet another game I love is having the online functionality taken away.
xtreampro  +   1263d ago
You're paying for XBL improvements, not EA's servers. What's the point in keeping these servers running for so long? only to cause headaches in maintaining them?

Move on and play something else, nothing lasts forever. Besides the majority do not play these games any more, they kept them running to please the minority that were but now times up.

If they did this to a game that came out 3 years ago them I'd be pissed, but over 4 or 5 years I could careless if they get shut down.
Kingdom Come  +   1263d ago
It only seems to be EA doing this on a regular basis.
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torchic  +   1263d ago
the thing is EA is probably the biggest publisher when it comes to the amount of games released per year. EA Sports alone releases more games than some publishers per year. so imagine how many servers they have to host.

and to be fair to EA it seems as though they only close servers when basically no one plays the game.
gcolley  +   1263d ago
boo hiss
MorbidPorpoise  +   1263d ago
I hate EA, wish they could've added some form of peer to peer connection.

This and Battlefield 2 MC were pretty much my most played games when I bought my 360 years ago, did enjoy going back to them every so often.

Here's hoping for them to rerelease Takedown or Revenge as XBLA games at some point.
BuffMordecai  +   1263d ago
And that is why games need split screen, so that even after online play goes down, you can still play with your friends. Sadly this generation had been completely retarded in terms of local play, especially EA, no split-screen for the Need for Speeds, SSX, Burnout Paradise, etc. Besides their sports games, I can only think of two games that supported local play from EA, Most Wanted and Burnout Revenge, and those were last gen HD ports.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1263d ago
It always sucks when EA closes down servers for older games....Create has been out for only like a year in a half and it's gonna be done, that is terrible.
Nunchez  +   1263d ago
Honestly they are actually pretty old games but I will definitely miss Burnout.
vega275  +   1263d ago
And this is one reasons( but not the main reason) why i refuse to start a origin account or anything with EA. as i said before in another post.

IMHO EA is a cancer on the gaming industry.

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