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Street Fighter X Tekken costumes leaked on PSN, costs $1 per character

New details and pricing for the alternate costumes for Street Fighter X Tekken has surfaced. There will be two alternate costumes per character for $1 each. If you bought both costumes for all 50 characters...well, you'd end up paying $100 for all the characters. (PC, PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   1350d ago
Hahahahahaha!! Um, no... Capcom, go screw yourselves. :D

It's not even about the individual pricing, that in itself is alright I suppose if you just want your favorite character's stuff, but with the sheer amount of characters and costumes, it's just insane to charge like that.
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Yi-Long  +   1350d ago
Just vote with your wallet...
... you know Capcom will screw you over, so just be patient and wait for a proper complete release of their game for a fraction of the money.

Or just spend your money on a game/developer that ISN'T trying to nickel-and-dime you into the poorhouse.
Majin-vegeta  +   1350d ago
I was anxious for this game when it was announced but seeing all this crap guess ill wait for the final edition.
ChrisGTR1  +   1350d ago
this is exactly why i never bought MVC3, i freaken loved MVC2 but part 3 was so half assed. wtf kind of fighting game releases in 2011 and lacks online spectating. that has got to be the biggest facepalm ever right there. then of corse the super edition comes out as expected but now im waiting for the next edition cause i still dont feel its worth 40$
Relientk77  +   1350d ago
I hate DLC, its overpriced and ridiclous. Everything should just be included on the disc, just like every previous generation of video games.

edit @ below, you know what I meant. It should be included with the price of the game; it should be free/no extra cost
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vortis  +   1350d ago
Relient..IT IS on the Disc


Yeah I get you, man. Pisses me off, too.

Inb4 Capcommies start up with the "Entitled" gamer BS.
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Truerandom  +   1350d ago
Misleading. It could cost you $100 but there's obviously going to be separate bundles and a complete pack at the end of the BS release schedule they have planned.

They could release it all now because all 100 costumes are already on disc but Capcom want to trick early adapters who aren't aware.
Hufandpuf  +   1350d ago
what idiot would buy ALL the costumes. I'd buy 1 for my 2 most used characters not spend money on character I don't use.
Mr-Zex  +   1350d ago
SF x T is going to be an amazingly milked game, then again, anything capcom make's lately is..
DoctorXpro  +   1350d ago
Yo Dawg I heard u like to be rip off so I put some dlc in the disc so u can get rip off while u get rip off
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Rolento  +   1350d ago
akaFullMetal  +   1350d ago
Capcom is a rip off this gen, i don't think ive bought game besides dmc4, which i kinda regret getting too. Capcom also said that is going to be the only version, but lets wait 5 months from now when they announce super street fighter x tekken???
cvflyboy  +   1350d ago
LOL at all the sheep on N4G. You guys are so slow its not even funny. Journalist are just spinning the same story over and over again and you guys fall for it every time. First it was the Call of Duty hate band wagon and now it all aboard the lets hate Capcom train. If you don't like DLC then complain about 90% of the games out. Why do you guys jump on every negative article about SFxT? Is it cause you feel like this is your chance at social acceptance? Most of the people complaining wasn't going to buy the game to begin with. Blazblue only has 19 chracters,SC5 has 25 and tekken had 39...??? Like really? SFXT gives u guys 43 and you still complain about what should be free. Selfish little geeks lol.
vortis  +   1350d ago
MK:A had 60 and SNK since 1998 tried packing 40+ characters into each KoF game. Nice troll fail.

Doesn't matter what they say we should be happy with, consumers are the end game and if we don't like it we'll let it tank.

Also, Tekken 6 says "hi" while having more content, customization and game modes than SFxT without any DLC.

Back under the bridge you go...

EDIT: And just to add, the article above has no spin, it's just straight up facts. So again, nice troll fail.
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cvflyboy  +   1349d ago
Mk is terrible online, I know I own the game, and who gives a shit about costumes? That is how I know you guys are just casual players when it comes to fighting games. At the end of the day street fighter is the king of fighting games by far so play KOF or MK if you feel some way about capcom. Instead you are wasting energy on a game you don't like or cant afford to pick up. I don't troll I just say how I see it, get back to the farm sheep and hate on the next game according to the degrees of the article posted on top... What a Looser
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Fez  +   1349d ago
Anyone remember Tekken 4 when you could press triangle/circle instead of square/x to play with an alternative costume...
josephayal  +   1349d ago
i will buy them all i really enjoy the game, $1 $4 i dont CARE!
dorron  +   1349d ago
Keep the game for yourself, Capcom. Not buying.

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