North American box art revealed for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita

The North American box art has been revealed for the PS Vita version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

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Snookies121956d ago

Wow, I really like that... I prefer it over the Japanese blue and green background tints. This just makes it look more professional and sleek. Definitely going to buy this, as these are classic masterpieces and to have something like these two games on the go is just too wonderful of a thought.

MasterCornholio1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I hope that Kojima does a good job with the Vita collection because Snake Eater for the 3DS was a mess with bad controls (without the accessory) and an extremely shaky framerate. Hopefully since the Vita has more than enough power it should be able to handle these PS2 games just fine, also with the dual analog sticks the controls shouldn't be an issue.


I agree as well it does suck that peace walker isn't included.


Ace_Pheonix1956d ago

Looks like Peace Walker isnt going to be included for the Vita. Bummer.

Rainstorm811956d ago

I really wanted Peace walker too its the only MGS i havent played

execution171956d ago

peace walker is awesome, I must of put 30hours into in 3 days when I bought the HD collection lol... then I got a gf Dx

Ace_Pheonix1955d ago

As long as it's compatible as a PSP title I'm happy. I've been meaning to buy and try both it and Portable Ops as digital copies as I only have the physical ones. And once MGS1 is compatible as a PS1 game my dream shall come true...

ANIALATOR1361956d ago

How about a EU Boxart and proper release date?