Microsoft Has a Broken Home

TechNewsWorld -- By Walaika Haskins, 12/31/07:

Microsoft has warned users of its new Windows Home Server that the device could corrupt data when saving files from certain applications. The results could ruin family photos, small-business records or anything else users save on the system. The problem is the latest of three significant quality-control fumbles Microsoft has committed this year, said analyst Michael Cherry.

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crazypuppet3310d ago

i guess their dominance is finally coming to an end

killax35633310d ago

....go together like peanut butter and jelly. You always see them together.

eagle213310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Quality the point. They make a good point about the reluctance for early adoption of their future products if they fail to rectify consumer confidence.

Mario183310d ago

Can Microsoft do anything correct?

cloud360-7th_account3310d ago

Though i do hate the Xbox. i dnt hate MS. I dont understand what you mean. I dont think any product is perfect.

So your comment though it is true is useless waste of time. i hope your not expecting a reaction or anything

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