Gamespot: The Preorder System Is Broken

Assassin's Creed III was the 8th-best-selling game on Best Buy's website last week, underscoring a troubling trend of how little publishers have to do to get gamers' money.

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LOGICWINS2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

The author has it in reverse. By pre-ordering early, we aren't telling devs that its okay to do the same thing over and over, but rather REWARDING innovation. I guarantee AC3 wouldn't have had as many pre-orders if the game featured Ezio in yet another static brown/gray environment. We have snow, we have changing seasons, better graphics, a new protagonist, new story, a revamped multiplayer, new characters, and a completely new setting/atmosphere.

christheredhead2102d ago

I would have to agree to disagree with you on this one. I dont think we are "rewarding" innovation as much as we are hindering it. I'm excited for AC3, but new features/content won't necessarily make a great game. There are a ton of factors outside of new ideas that make a great game. I mean, AC3 could turn out to be terrible and then we all got suckered in by extensive marketing/hype. Its like blindly purchasing something on the hope that you like it. Many will, but I don't necessarily mean that for AC3 directly, more of a broad opinion in the general scope.

Personally, unless the game has a limited print run, I don't see the point in pre ordering. Virtual pre order "bonuses" are most always worthless.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not against pre ordering. If you like the series/genre than go ahead, nothing wrong with that. Yet, there is really no advantage to pre ordering. Its almost as if the odds are against you. I'm just not the kind of person who can pay up front for a product I know nothing about.

LOGICWINS2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

"I don't see the point in pre ordering. Virtual pre order "bonuses" are most always worthless."

Some people have Amazon (or other types) of credit that expires within a certain time frame. If someones credit $20 credit expires in February and AC3 comes out in the fall...your gunna wanna pre-order the game.

Bestbuy/Gamestop gives you more credit on trade ins if you pre-order as well. Thats a huge incentive. I've also seen situations were you get a prequel if you pre-order the sequel. Pre-ordering Yakuza 4 at JB Hi-Fi got you Yakuza 3 and pre-ordering Arkham City at Walmart got you Arkham Asylum.

christheredhead2102d ago

Definitely. I completely agree. Those bonuses are most always worthless. Not always, but you know, most of the time. Getting a credit, a physical item or another game is great. Yet, the majority of your releases are meaningless guns/skins/early unlocks, etc.

Nimblest-Assassin2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Its not just new features...its a new game. When you look at Brotherhood and Revelations, both of those games had new "features".

But when you look at AC3, everything AC2 did has been torn down and changed.

1)Combat is now faster paced and you can no longer turtle in a corner and try and counter-kill.
2) Free running through the trees
3) Currency, now you can hunt and kill for pelts to trade in order for goods
4)Brand new setting
5) New Graphics engine
6)Seasonal cycle
7) Torn down stealth, to actually make it feel like stealth

Plus there are more details coming.

Also I only pre order games that I know I will enjoy. I love the AC franchise, thus I pre ordered and got a very nice steelbook.

Its kind of the good ol days where you got legitimate swag, rather than some DLC you can only get at a certain retailer. Something physical like a poster, or an action figure. Something I can display. Not some gun/weapon/costume/level/armou r I will never use/play in my game

christheredhead2102d ago


Yah, AC3 is looking awesome, no doubt about that. Wasn't trying to downplay the new game. Mainly saying that I don't blindly buy anything without fulling knowing what I'm getting, games are not an exception.

I like the AC franchise so I'll be picking it up as well.

ReservoirDog3162101d ago

Actually those virtual preorder bonuses are usually worth about $20 on eBay.

Just saying.

Revolver_X_2101d ago

At Gamestop it only takes $5 to pre-order and get those "worthless" bonuses. In the meantime you can do research but, 1. If you are that unsure about it and not a fan dont pre-order. 2. If $5 means that much then gaming is not your hobby. Pre-order #'s I cant fathomably see as ever sending the "wrong" message. Its called a fan base. If your that critical about it, then AC franchise was never something you personally favored anyways.

christheredhead2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )


I think you're taking my general basis to serious. I even clarified that my statement was NOT about AC3, but pre ordering in general. Then clarified, that I will probably be purchasing AC3 cause I like the series, that's if all goes well.

"At Gamestop it only takes $5 to pre-order and get those "worthless" bonuses. In the meantime you can do research."
-I would always research the product first. Why would it be the other way around? I know you can get you're money back, but no point in putting money down, going home, researching, then deciding you want your money back.

"If you are that unsure about it and not a fan dont pre-order."
-This is basic principle. Yet, I'm included in the fan base. I'm unsure and, at the moment, have no interest in the bonuses so I'll wait to see how the game is designed. I'm not saying to ignore pre orders, its just that a lot of people want games based on no information. Again, a general statement unrelated to the series.

"If $5 means that much then gaming is not your hobby"
Actually, gaming is my hobby. I have a fairly vast collection that goes all the way back to the Atari. There is at least 1000+ games in my collection that I've accumulated over the years since I started gaming as a kid. I mean, is there a standard of limitless money I'm supposed to adhere to? 5 dollars is a big deal to me. I'm not rich. I have to work, just like every one else, to earn a paycheck and a living. Whether it be 1 dollar or 5 dollars, I don't want to waste money and I dont carelessly spend.

"Pre-order #'s I cant fathomably see as ever sending the "wrong" message. Its called a fan base. If your that critical about it, then AC franchise was never something you personally favored anyways."
-Look, again, I'll repeat myself. I doesnt necessarily send the "wrong" message nor is there anything wrong with pre ordering. If you want to pre order, great, go ahead. All I'm saying is people get suckered in by marketing/hype/bonuses and get left with terrible games or games that just didn't live up to expectations. My comments were not directly related to AC3.

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Redempteur2101d ago

Not when it's this early

futhermore when it's yearly releases

mugoldeneagle032101d ago

Gave them a pretty cool looking tin case. I work at Best Buy and we aren't really even pitching the game for pre order most people just grab it and go.

IM_KINECTED2101d ago

I pre-ordered Assassins Creed 3 because they gave me a shiny metal collectors case by putting down $5.

I wouldn't have even done that if they didn't impress me with the new character and setting though.

N311V2101d ago

I treat preorders like a lay-by. With so many games releasing in the last couple of months each year it makes it hard to find the cash for them all. By preordering and paying off $20 or so every couple of weeks it makes it seem much more affordable to me.

martinezjesus19932101d ago

I pre ordered AC3 because id get 20 dollars off on skyrim :P plus the shiny metal case :)

violents2101d ago

I think preordering is showing trust in a developer or brand. Most of the people willing to throw down money like that have played similar games before and have been happy with the progression of the series so far. If your blindly putting money into something you know nothing about than yes that is disturbingly stupid, however This is what like the 4th or 5th installment of this series. I have played them all and i love every one of them even the horribly repetative first one. This is not the reason for churned out shovelware games, Corporate greed for bottom line profits is the reason for that. And if your going to bring the COD franchise in for reference than if you don't like it or think it is no longer inovative than don't buy the next installment, i still haven't purchased MW3 for that very reason.

And btw most preorders can be cancelled if in the coming months you were to change your mind.

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