If the Mass Effect 3 Ending is truly not what it seems, it still sucks

Is it possible BioWare duped thousands of gamers? Even if it is, it may not be enough to make up for Mass Effect 3′s on-disc conclusion.

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zeal0us2463d ago

I think we will get the final/true ending through DLC. My guess it probably won't be cheap and people will probably be pissed.

Tr10wn2462d ago

This guy doesn't seem to understand the ending at all, nothing he says make any sense at all since non of those thing even happen, all the sequence of shepard going to the citadel never happen, shepard was unconscious by the harbinger attack on earth and all that was either indoctrination attempt or a dream, that's why you see shepard waking up at the end if you choose the obvious one, the game isnt finish wait for the DLC and stop these silly articles if you can't understand the basic of the ending.

ireland1332461d ago

What the hell are you blabbing about? Did you even read the article? Assuming the "Indoctrination Theory" is even correct (which is a stretch), the article talks about why the ending is shitty regardless because if the theory is true BioWare shipped an incomplete game. Read the article before you comment please.

Tr10wn2461d ago

Assuming is correct? lol is obvious wtf, the whole game is a fantasy, but in that last sequence where harbinger appears everything seems so.... fake you must be really blind to not see that, i did read most of the article which most of it is crap btw and still my point stand he still dont understand the ending there is more to it, it doesnt matter is unfinish since the ending will probably be free.

ireland1332461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

It actually does matter that it's unfinished. You're just an idiot. You're saying you want to buy products that are incomplete?