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Capcom's SVP: Consumers Didn't Come To The Correct Conclusion With Street Fighter x Tekken DLC

"Capcom's senior vice president Christian Svensson explained that Capcom could have handled the DLC situation better but consumers just don't understand the funding nor business tactics and didn't come to the right conclusion." (PC, PS Vita, PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

josephayal  +   868d ago
I don't have a problem , I'll gladly pay you $10 Per character coz is my favorite Game
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sinncross  +   868d ago
Wow... that is the stupidest reasoning I have heard... way to go Capcom.
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InTheZoneAC  +   868d ago
anyone still buying full price/NEW capcom games after all these stints, especially this latest one, needs to be banned from ever playing games again

don't give capcom your money, wait for a price drop and/or a used copy from the people that just don't care that they get raped.
kagon01  +   868d ago
They no longer have excuses anymore...
Shinuz  +   868d ago
What i understand is that you don't deserve my money anymore capcom.
Brutallyhonest  +   868d ago
Does anyone else that milks the DLC train deserve your money or is it just Capcom?

Are you going to stop purchasing EA, Activision, THQ, Ubisoft, Epic, etc and so on games? Most of them have DLC at the release or shortly after with their franchise titles.

I'm personally tired of DLC. Only purchased it a few times this whole generation and have played over 200 titles across all formats. With that said, I want all the people complaining about Capcom and the media going after them to take the same stance WITH ALL DLC being milked to death by everyone. Especially, like I pointed out, DLC that is created and completed before the title hits retail.
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vortis  +   868d ago
I completely understand your argument.

Right now Capcom is kind of burning for every gamer's frustration with DLC this gen. is it fair? That's debatable.

However, I think the gaming media is retarded.

Video game journalists are a freaking joke.

Not one gaming site out there is actively pursuing this and every other company out there, especially EA.

GI, IGN, GameSpot, Venture Beat, Destructoid, Forbes, etc,. need to be hounding down EA, Activision and especially Capcom like wounded dogs in a open prairie. But they're not...instead the industry is hung up on Mass Effect 3's ending and how a bunch of tards are willing to pay MORE for a complete ending.

This industry is really toppling in on itself because of gamers, I tell you the honest truth. We're the only group of hobbyist who seem to enjoy getting raped inside out.

EDIT: Also, how many reviewers out there docked this game of points (other than Destructoid) for all the disc-locked content? I think Ripten even did an article PRAISING Capcom about it. Ugh.
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Flipgeneral  +   868d ago
I could not agree with you more about purchasing DLC. Guess it's all we can do to protest against DLC tactics

the amount of subjective treatment towards capcom is a little out of hand. I guess capcom really irked consumers too much with their DLC strategies.
Shinuz  +   867d ago
Well I have actually stopped buying games from Activision for a couple of years now, thanks to how they handled Cod:Mw2 on PC.

Also to my knowledge I have never bought any game with paid DLC already present on the disc nor do I intend to support this practice.

Although i have in the past bought a couple of DLC that were really worth it and came a couple of days or months after the game was released, like the ones for Borderland.

But now What Capcom has done with Street fighter X Tekken I find totally unacceptable and will not support them any further if that's how they want to do business from now on.
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GraveLord  +   868d ago
You are trying to rip people off. Just admit it.
RufustheSage  +   868d ago
Oops! You found us out, you're the bad guy! Whatever Sev, all the content is on the disk and you guys locked it. There's no good way to say that to us.
hazelamy  +   868d ago
they're good at coming up with excuses, i'll give them that, but what i wont give them is any of my money. ^_^

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