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"So, in the end, I'm afraid I'd have to say that The Last Story does not live up to the bar set by its Operation Rainfall predecessor, but it's still a good time regardless. A fast-paced and usually fun battle system, and some interesting additions in the form of online multiplayer, are counteracted by an overly short main story and lackluster visuals. I hope Sakaguchi continues on, because if The Last Story is true to its name then it would be a comparatively disappointing end to his career." - Karl Koebke

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2288d ago
Runa2162288d ago

When does this come out in North america?

Torillian2288d ago

Wiki says June 19th and that sounds like what I remember so I'd trust it.

Thepcz2287d ago

so far i have to agree with the review. i'm about 15 hours in and its just not the game i thought it would be.

it reminds me of monster hunter tri... clunky and frankly dull. not quite as bad as monster hunter but its reminiscent.

AWBrawler2286d ago

You think MHTri is dull? okay your opinion is irrelevant to me then.

Thepcz2286d ago


rarely do i ever buy games and not complete them, or even make an effort to progress... but mhtri is one of those games.

i even bought that hunter pack edition that came in the treasure chest.. i was excited about the game after the hype and reviews. but its just dull.

there is nothing fun about that game.

last story is a lot more fun and enjoyable- i will complete it, but it has a similar tone to mhtri.

AWBrawler2285d ago

did you not play online? or run across snobby high levels?