Top 10 Unlikeliest Weapons in Video Games

GameDynamo - "Because video games are not so bound by the oppressive rules of reality, they can imbue power to anything the developer wishes. Thus, any object in the hands of the right character and imbued with the right abilities, can be a deadly weapon. Here are some of the strangest tools of death and destruction ever to fit on disc or cartridge."

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Lelldorianx2227d ago

Where's the farting unicorn from Red Faction? :P

NukaCola2227d ago

Speaking of Farts, Oddworld Abe's Exoddus. Drink the brew, fart, possess it, fly it around while it makes car engine sounds, re-chant and KAABOOOOOM!!!

ScytheX32227d ago

the most important one, Bayonettas hair is missing! i mean common hair? awesome game though. =)

TheUnbiasedLion2227d ago

Postal 2, anthrax cow head?