Sink Or Swim: Help Save The Playstation Rewards Program

GP: "As you may or may not have known, Sony had a pretty amazing rewards program that anyone could sign up and be a part of. Unfortunately, I am speaking in the past tense because at the end of the month the program will officially be dead. For those of you that don't know about the Playstation Rewards program, that is a very unfortunate thing. Now let me explain why."

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phantomexe2264d ago

I don't understand i was part of there rewards program over a year ago and i helped test it. They closed it out over a year ago...i've got the avtars and shirt to prove it. There was no new official sony rewards program only the original beta.

strangelove2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

This is/was their new rewards program after the beta was cut short. it started up just about a year ago being advertised as the return. They gave away a huge assortment of games, just last month we got MLB 2K12 and the Resistance Dual Pack.

phantomexe2264d ago

That's preety sweet.i had no idea at all and i remember thinking why would they give up on it.

KwietStorm2264d ago

Are you kidding me? How could they not have said a word to those of us who were in the beta? I thought the whole program was dead over a year ago.

Jason1432263d ago

mlb the show 12 npot 2k man. diff series

strangelove2263d ago

You're right Jason, I'm not big into sports games and just put that due to being used to seeing it on so many other games. Apologies.

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hazelamy2264d ago

we never saw it in europe, and i guess now, never will.

catfrog2264d ago

never even knew about it lol, they should have put an advertisement up on the ps store or something. i woul have signed up.. oh well

Rolento2264d ago

If they didn't advertise so where enough people knew about it then it was more than likely garbage so they've done away with it. I was in the beta for it and after that I assumed it was dead. I honestly couldn't care less for them to try and restart it because it will be another half-assed attempt to try and top Nintendo's Rewards program and it's impossible for Sony's Rewards program to even be half as good.

If the Wii U gets enough 3rd party support then I won't even touch Sony's next console.

Tapioca Cold2263d ago

Wii U over a Sony Console? That speaks volumes about what kind of gamer you are. Why should you even be rewared for anything? tell me one GOOd reason.

I bet you don't by anything from the PS store. Just a free wheelin' generation spoiled, franklin.

Money talks, not game points.

Ah... this world is getting too spoiled for me.

Kran2263d ago

If Sony wanted this to be a big thing, they should have promoted it more.

I mean I knew about this ages ago, but I only just remembered about it until now.

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