A Radical 20 Years: The Middle Years - Features - The Armchair Empire

Part II of this look at Radical Entertainment's 20 year history focuses on the games the company produced and why the company dealt with licensed properties for so long.

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FinaLXiii1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I love that Scarface game it totally captures the feel of the movie.

i hope it gets re-released on ps store someday.

metsgaming1982d ago

yea the game was good, it was long too i never beat it and it go really hard at some points randomly. I once had my boat explode and i was swimming to shore and all of a sudden i got eaten by a shark! I was stunned, i was like, did i just get EATEN BY A SHARK !?!?! It was pretty cool.

FinaLXiii1982d ago

yeah and the sharks were big