Hard4Games Writes Nostalgia Blues: Final Fantasy VII

"If you haven’t already figured out by now (unless this is your first article you’ve read of mine), I tend to lean towards the past more than the present when it comes to gaming. I just find modern gaming to be, generally, full of weak storytelling, poor innovation, and a lack of any ambition beyond making an easy 50 bucks off the consumer. That isn’t to say that all modern games are bad, as I wouldn’t be gaming today if I didn’t stumble across a decent game in today’s market every now and then. For the last few years, I’ve more often found myself instinctively revisiting classic titles from the past, and, in many cases, I’m still as satisfied as I was 15 to 20 years ago when I first played them. I find that many games between 1986 and 1999 still hold up today, especially if you’re not one to judge games by graphics (if you are, then you’ve missed the point of gaming). There are, however, classic titles that haven’t aged well at all, and I’d like to focus on the ones that most peopl...

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Fatty2228d ago

I'm going to use the forthcoming flames to power a steam turbine to play some games.

Ranma12228d ago

I *sigh* when i hear about past FF games, because they remind be how far the series has fallen from when SQUARESOFT used to make FF gamees

iamtehpwn2228d ago

You should try FFXIII-2, Ranma1. lololololol.

CLOUD19832228d ago

The guy who wrote this article is a complete retard and he must find something better to do than bashing The Best, Most Loved&Famous/Popular JRPG in history of VG, FFVII is a Masterpiece no matter if u r 15 or 30 when u play it for the 1st time unless u r a JRPG hater, age have nothing to do with that if this fcktard's taste change so much as he grow up and now find it bad then he can go to fck himself and stop playing it.
FFVII is until today 15 years later on of the best(if not the best, but for sure it's the one that sell the most)JRPG with the best gameplay/battle system the best soundtrack and the best characters & story that keeps u at your toes from start to finish, games like FFVII come out once every 10 years and their value is such that when u play them once u will never forget them ever for the rest of your life.

Hicken2228d ago

Nope, wrong. When I first played it, I thought it was pretty good. At the time, I had about four other JRPGS under my belt. Probably not even that.

But the more games I played, the further down my PERSONAL list VII slid. VII, X, XII, and XIII all easily rank higher than VII within the franchise, to say nothing of where it ranks among all the RPGs I've ever played.

I could go on- as I have before- about the problems I had with VII. Storyline issues, character development issues, a plot issue here or there. The ending, such as it was, was atrocious.

In the end, though, that's all my opinion, and I'm entitled to think that VII is perhaps the most overrated game in video gaming history. I mean, as much as people talk about it being the best game ever, it still required a feature-length film and at least two other games to finish telling the story... which isn't yet finished.

Whatever, dude. With a name like yours, I'm not surprised you think VII is the best, but that's your opinion. Just like this guy has his.

maniacmayhem2228d ago

I definitely agree with Hicken!

Blaze7182228d ago

@Hicken you mentioning VIII(i think that's what you meant),X, and XIII easily ranking higher than VII instead of at least FFVI just shows how much of a noob you are @Rpgs. At least VI has a very little argument from what i read in blogs even though its not convincing, just scrubs hopping on hironobu sakaguchi's bandwagon as soon as they read that VI is his favorite FF not knowing that Sakaguchi had about 44% involvement in storyline while tetsuya nomura is the mastermind behind cloud and the rest of VII story line. I love this new era of everyone is entitled to their own opinion movement, back in 1997 that didn't mean shit and it still doesn't in my eyes lol and no it was the popularity of VII that they released a feature-length movie and three not two (get your shit right) other games not because it was required.What a dumb-ass lol

Blaze7182228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

@CLOUD1983 i agree with you 100% its good to see that not everyone just suddenly woke up from an amnesia and not remember when every gaming magazine,articles and gaming community regarded ffVII as the best FF IF NOT RPG back in 1997.At that time i was on megemanx4 and castlevania symphony of the night along with VII, lets not forget about goldeneye 007.Also marvel superheroes vs street fighter were out in the arcades....*sigh* the good ol gaming days

Proxy4042228d ago

HAHAA, firstly "JRPG Hater"...okay so "Hater" is used incorrectly, it actually means you hate something because you are jealous of it. What's there to be jealous about?

When you're a big boy, you'll learn, after getting some more life experience, that the writer hit the nail on the head here.

Oh yeah, learn to type. "You" not "u" Child.

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