The Game Jar - What Can We Expect From Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Anthony Richardson for - Aside from the fact that my British spell-checker hates the word ‘honor’, I really love EA’s rebooted MoH franchise. It sits in a metaphorical valley of gritty realism between the two gargantuan mountains of the FPS genre – Call of Duty and Battlefield. The new Medal of Honor series is an aggregation of the power of the Frostbite Engine along with the focused scope of games like Call of Duty.

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solidworm2046d ago

another ultra generic modern warfare clone.

KingOptimus7772046d ago

I don't care what anyone says Medal of Honor 2010 had the best Military FPS shooter story so far this gen but Bioshock will always be the best FPS shooter over everybody.

Morbius4202046d ago

Just bring back the Nazi's and you'll have my money. I'm tierd of modern warfare. Take me back to a war that really meant something and we were appreciated for fighting it.