New high-res assets released for Crysis 2; Alpine Asset Pack Released

DSOGaming writes: "Crysis 2 modder ‘TheModMan101′ has released a high-resolution asset pack for Crytek’s little gem. This Alpine Asset Pack features – among other things – new textures for Pine Needles, Moss, Mud, Gravel, Pebbles, and Grass."

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ATi_Elite2258d ago

Nice pictures BUT

The CryEngine 2 is still BETTER!

Adexus2258d ago

The duplicated grass looks weird but the last screenshot looks great.

thekiddfran2258d ago

The grass, the grass!!! So beautiful!

john22258d ago

and now we shall wait for a Skyrim map with these new assets :D

thekiddfran2258d ago

Oh can you imagine when that comes out!!!! *cums*

ninjahunter2258d ago

-The most important feature in grading the graphics of a game.
-Have roughly no performance impact(5fps hit for 4k textures)

Now if only we could get over this file size issue.

john22258d ago

Truth be told, there is a high performance hit if your GPU's vRAM is not up to support them. But yeah, it would be nice if we were getting better textures in our games

ninjahunter2258d ago

Eh, I havent seen Vram as a bottleneck for years. I would say that anything non integrated, stamped with that shiny DX11 seal of approval will have Vram that outclasses the actual graphics processor by 2 GPU generations.

RevXM2255d ago

Props to the modder for the effort.
But why do everything CE3 fail to impress me?

Ive seen a lot better things running of CE2.
Come on this is BS... isnt technology supposed to progress FORWARDS?