GAMERZ411 # 49: iPad 3 To Beat Out PS3 & XBOX360?

T-Hill writes: In this episode we talk about Apple’s iPad 3 press conference and how it could change the face of gaming as we know it. Journey hit PSN is it art or or a game? Quantic Dreams shows off its Kara tech demo at GDC…how much more juice can the PS3 squeeze out? Why does Capcom get so much hate for their DLC when every does it?

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forcefullpower2167d ago

These guys have less of a clue than Patcher.


I love how you actually show that you are by definition a waste of space. You add nothing to the community other than being a counter productive. You read the title and actually didn't listen to any of the show...they have a word for that it's starts with a T and ends with an L or hater will do.

HungPHATx2167d ago

I wish people would listen to the podcast first before adding a assine comment ! Like or not Apple is a big player in the gaming world ! I've said this once and I'll say it again...

If Apple adds a Controler could spell doom on the major console makers, if not the hardcore will ALWAYS use a controller me.

Time will tell ! Maybe Carmack and Hideo aren't so crazy with there predictions on future gaming a few year back

FredEffinChopin2167d ago

While I personally wouldn't go around crapping on something before I listen to it, I certainly wouldn't give something with a title like this the opportunity of a listen. It's for the same reason that I don't click on the "Top 10 reasons the game you love sucks" articles. I might read the comments on here for amusement, but I'm not going to actively contribute to the success of flamebaiting and sensationalism in gaming media.

You wish people would listen to the podcast before adding an asinine comment? I refuse to listen to a podcast with an asinine title.

Whoever decided to word the title that way made a conscious decision, and was fully aware of what they were doing. The type of response it's received so far in here is totally appropriate. That's the flipside of using cheap tactics to get visitors to your site; some of those visitors will be angry. Deal with it.

forcefullpower2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Did any of you even bother to listen to the podcast or just decide to moan about the title. There's nothing wrong with the title as it brings up a perfectly debatable topic. It wasnt even a debate it was one guy saying what he thinks and not sure if its a girl or a 12 year old boy just bowing to him going everything you say is great master and the other bloke when asked about it all he could muster was erm,erm,erm and still didnt say anything co-hearnt.

I don't have to write a 5 page essay as i felt just writing what I felt in one line of what I thought about the podcast.

Boody-Bandit2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Nothing worse than people submitting, posting, approving and defending their own articles and podcast. Either you are confident in your opinion or you're not. It's that simple. Let the work speak for itself.

"It wasnt even a debate it was one guy saying what he thinks" <- quoted for accuracy

Boody-Bandit2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Seriously, lowlife attention seeking wannabes like this need to go away for good. You add nothing but nonsensical bullsh*t and this industry already has an over abundance supply of that. That absolute only people on your ridiculous cast worth listening to is payback and gio. Both of which are wasting their time with sensationalist idiots such as yourselves.

Nobody with a shred of common sense will ever take you guys serious. Do us all a favor and go away already. Stop wasting bandwidth and cluttering the net with your diatribe hosresh*t. Give the pizzaboy a big sweaty kiss for me. Tell him if and whenever he forms an opinion of his own to give me a call.

I'm guessing, never.
Oh yeah I played the game for 2 minutes and I'm ready to review it. Oh I own blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that means my opinion is automatically validated. LOL! Seriously, go away.

My son, 19 years old, knows 10x more about the industry then you fools.

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LOGICWINS2167d ago

@forcefullpower- Did you even watch the video?

forcefullpower2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

I did actually listen to the podcast. I listen to one of there podcasts about 4 months ago and was hoping that they would have got a a brain cell between them by now but they clearly didn't. Dont know what the idiots above are talking about the title for. why would i comment on a stupid title i wanted to hear what they had to say and it wasnt very well thought out. Constantly hearing some going erm, erm, erm, erm whenever they asked a simple question is also very annoying.

Dlacy13g2167d ago

The iPad is going to be interesting in the gaming space. Yes it certainly is more "powerful" but its still not exactly set up as a "gaming" device and the experience seems to still be very much akin to a mobile device level game. I don't see the EA's and Ubisofts creating games specific for the iPad that are of a AAA caliber. Maybe that would change but I just don't see games that demand a higher price point like say $30+ thriving on a device like this when the consumer is used to paying under $5 for the average game.

iceman062167d ago

You hit the nail on the head. Sure, we are all aware of the iPad and it's ability to sell well. It's a great overall device. However, the question really is whether or not the iPad community is ready to spend REAL money (not $0.99) on full gaming experiences? If Apple can somehow capture that demographic and carry them over to the core gaming community, then consoles might be in trouble. As it stands, there are basically 2 separate groups. One is the core gamer that wants that higher priced, full, console-like experience on the go. Then, there are those that just want a quick game to fool around with from time to time on their shiny, new device.

forcefullpower2166d ago

You hit the nail on the head iceman.

Two hugely different demogrpahics that buy games. From my personal experience most adults are buying the ipad for general use and maybe occasional 10 min pass the time game. i have a few games on it but they are they for when friends kids are round. Most parents i know dont buy ipads for there kids they buy ipods, DS's or PSV's.

If they think people are going to shell out £500 quid to play £30 or £40 pound full games on with no proper physical controls is not going to happen. and no they will not pair up a blue tooth controller to play them as thats the whole point of being portable.

Remeber when they connected a DS3 controller to the psp via cable and everyone laughed about who's going to carry a controller around with it. Hello ipad 3 its not going to happens.

mathsman2167d ago

I doubt it'll take the lead, but it'll be a key player. Especially for indies.

NYC_Gamer2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Apple products always do major numbers and i'll expect many studios to wanna create software for the platform.Its enough room in the industry for all platforms to survive/be successful.

2167d ago
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