Fiery Overworld for Latest Banjo Title?

Following on from the intial six, Gregg Mayles, Creative Director of the Banjo series, has answered the final Banjo Threeie questions. Some of the answers have posed furthers questions and speculation, such as the description of "Conflagration Violent" as a possible clue to the name of the new overworld.

The Rare Witch Project: Is this game going to have more or equal freedom to the previous Banjo games?

Gregg Mayles: Yes. Ignore the bit that says 'or equal'.

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Dark_Vendetta3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game. I've first enjoyed Viva Pinata, so I thought "lets try another RARE game (=Kameo)". I know I'm maby just one of the few with ths opinion but I think that Kameo is one of the best(!!) 360 games. Rare didn't make any mistakes for now (IMO), so I think BK3 will also be great. (Viva Pinata Party Animals was done by Krome Studios). Also it's in develepement by the old BK team !!

nupes983824d ago

I loved Kameo as well.It was very underrated. I'll leaver some positive feedback for my fellow Kameo appreciater.

TheZippo3823d ago

Glad to see some love for Kameo. One of the best games for the 360!

Zhuk3824d ago

Banjo will be great, its being made by the guys who did the original Banjo Kazooie's, Kameo and Viva Pinata both fantastic titles on the Xbox 360

candystop3824d ago

This is a big title and one that I personally can't wait to pop into my 360. The only game that didn't sit with me well was perfect dark 360 but im sure they will get it right next time. I'm seeing alot of good 360 news pop up and at this rate 2008 will be filled with tons of xbox love!

creeping judas3824d ago

was one of the best launch titles for the 360. and i truly enjoyed the both iterations of banjo and kazooie on the old N64. cant wait for this game.

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