What gamers really think of PS Vita

PlayStation Universe goes into the heart of its community to discover what the early adopters of Vita really think about it.

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supremacy2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

The vita is a very good platform.

My only wish is, I wish it was cheaper and included a memory card to boot.

Why? Simply because I want more people to own this device and gain development support.

If the vita were to undergo a redesign of some form or shape I would simply build it with built in memory like the go and drop the price on that bad boy. Also, I feel the current analog sticks are limited, if I were to redesign these, I would go with something similar to whats found on them Sega dreamcast controllers.

As it currently stands, Sony should be wise and price match the 3DS at $160.00 with the wifi only model and include a 4gb memory card in the deal.

Then price the 3G model at $180.00 with an 8gb memory card stick.

As for the games? Those will sell themselves once the platform is in more hands.

cpayne932263d ago

When sony drops the price, I doubt it will be equal to Nintendo's price drop. Maybe a 50 dollar drop, it doesn't really make sense to sell the Vita for the same as the 3ds when it has more powerful hardware.

joeorc2263d ago

100% agreement

"it doesn't really make sense to sell the Vita for the same as the 3ds when it has more powerful hardware."

not just more powerful, it's way more powerful!

just by chipsts alone.

to put this in perspective, the upgrade of the PS3 over the PS2.was a very large upgrade hardware wise

The Jump of the PSVita over the Nintendo 3DS is far greater than many gamer's may realize.

for one to put this into perspective the GPU's in each machine. the Nintendo 3DS has two total core GPU's one for each screen.

PICA 200 here is the official spec's for each GPU core that's in the Nintendo 3DS

maximum 15.3 million polygons/[email protected] 200 MHz
Pixel fillrate Maximum 800 million pixels/[email protected] 200 MHz

while quite impressive for each of those GPU cores this far pales in comparison to what the PSVita GPU is capable of.

the GPU that's in the PSVita is a PowerVR

Series5XT (SGXMP)

(four cores) 133M polygon/s @200 MHz

exceeding requirements of OpenGL 2.0 and up to DirectX 10.1 Shader Model 4.1

even the Iphone 4 has a better GPU than what's in the 3DS dual Core GPU an the PSVita stomps even the Iphone 4S an the Ipad 2 an even is more than capable of beating the brand new Ipad 3 in performance

which has
Dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip with quad-core graphics.

the PSVita has a quad core CPU an Quad core GPU.

not only is the 3DS far an away outclassed in spec's in performance there would be no contest.

to even say that the PSVita need's to be priced the same as the Nintendo 3DS is like saying you need to price a lamborghini spyder "the PSVita" the same as the ford taurus "the Nintendo 3DS"

Quite Unrealistic to expect for not only Sony to do that, but for any company to do that.

that's just being Unrealistic.

joeorc2263d ago

"My only wish is, I wish it was cheaper and included a memory card to boot."

Why? Simply because I want more people to own this device and gain development support.

"Sony should be wise and price match the 3DS at $160.00 with the wifi only model and include a 4gb memory card in the deal."

while i understand where you are coming from, i think your being a little to unrealistic.

to price match the 3DS is not in the cards, An by all right's it should not Be priced the same. The reason being what tech in the PSVita an what Tech that is in the Nintendo 3DS are not anywhere near each other in their hardware spec's.

Now I know many would Say the Spec's do not really matter it's the Game's that matter. Thats a sound advice, but also if you want to be honest about it, Spec's do provide a machine to be able to do certain thing's better.

Development Support for the PSVita is not like that of the PSP, for one the PSVita has unified development platform that frankly is way cheap enough to allow HomeBrew developer's to be able to make games for the PSVita, without breaking the bank. starting at $99.00 a year is very reasonable to development cost's.This worry about less development studios for the PSVita I think is way to early to bring up as a lynchpin for the PSVita not doing enough to secure Development for the Machine. I mean $99.00 a year is way more reasonable to develop on the thing when you do not even need a Development kit at all to test an debug. you can use the PC simulator with the SDK.

This real IDEA about the PSVita was an is about mainly the Price, the blank memory cards may be a little higher, but that's mainly to offset piracy, no on boad memory once again to off set piracy. Remember what happened to the PSP, even the PSPGo people waited to buy the unit, until mainly it was to the point no store would carry it. an the simple reason is perception!.

Many gamer's today want alot for less money, nothing wrong with that. In my opinion it's really all boil's down to a perception of the product. Many Gamer's today Value Sony products less valuable than Nintendo an Microsoft again nothing wrong with that at it's core, it's where many view that is mainly perception not the true value of what the product is worth.

I would say it's more about Sony should price their product because of some massive perceived loss of market share is so great that the systems that Sony put's out is less viable of a choice for the gamer in the market.

look at the PS3 for even though it was the most Expensive system on the market, the value perceived of the PS3 was it's way too expensive for it's value in the market, that was one of the main complaints about it. even to this day many still think the PS3 is not worth the cost, an would like to see it priced much lower. The truth of the matter really is many feel the need to think unless your the top selling system in the market your somehow less viable of a choice.

Im not saying there is not some truth to that, what i am going to say it's being blown way out of proportion for this market, the point is there is mainly three, count them Three companies that make dedicated game consoles! in a race in contest's being last in a three person race is not very much of a Loss!

Its mainly a Perception about the product's worth more than what that product is really worth.

Today it seem's many gamer's want the price of a luxury high end spec'ed game system far lower than what it's worth.Which there is nothing wrong with that at it's core, I just think that's being a little bit Unrealistic.

supremacy2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I agree with your comment, like I always do. However I am not questioning the vita and its impressive specs. But ultimately the vita is just a gaming device in the field of gaming, where other gaming alternatives require less and are proving to not only be cheaper but just as valuable.

Its crazy to think how the times have changed, today people are not only pirating games and movies of connected devices, but also getting similar experiences for cheaper elsewhere.

For example "alpha drift" a vita launch ip and an old iphone game at a much lower price with the same fidelity and presentation.

Look even the so call analysts are all saying the obvious, if the vita is to succeed in todays market, it has to reach a mass market price point.

Had the vita or even the xperia play launched years ago in psp's place, things would have been different.

I rather Sony take in the losses now and gain market share at a rapid rate than sit there and pretend everything is good. I am not in anyway suggesting that Nintendo's product is equal to theirs. However they are practically fighting the same fight for the same market.

The numbers dont lie, and based on that you can clearly see where peoples money, time, effort and acceptance is going towards.

The vita is one if not the best gaming handheld gaming has to offer. So personally I dont care about the perception of value as much as I do about success. Ive been gaming on PlayStation since 95 and seen how succesful this brand has been. All I want is for the vita to share the kind of success the psone and ps2 did and not the kind the psp and ps3 has thus far.

For this to happen, Sony has to be willing to take the hit and simply price their patforms cheaper.

joeorc2263d ago

while i understand your concern, like i have stated this before. The landscape of the Gameing market is not like it was 10 year's ago. the Market share you mention is a good example of how thing's have changed. Its perception of that Market share that maybe many are not quite grasping. think of it this way.Many year's ago Sony sold both the Playstation1 an the Playstation 2 to what many would say steller sales.

The first console in the series, the PlayStation, was the first video game console to ship 100 million units after 9 years and 6 months of its initial launch. the Playstation 2 beat that number by selling to date, having reached over 150 million units sold as of January 31, 2011.

but yet even when both Nintendo an Sony have sold their game systems in the multiple number Million's . the Smartphone industry far an away dwarf's those sale number's what it took for over 9 years worth of sales to reach. Smartphones are reaching those number's in less than 2 year's. an that's not including even Apple's number's into the Mix.

just because smartphones are larger in sales an the majority of sales software is game's on them does not mean the market share of game systems are not any less viable. On the same token just because Sony's Handheld game system does not sell as much as Nintendo's 3DS does not make it anyless viable as a choice for developer's. The reason this time is Two fold.

the Hand Held game systems are not Static. they gain Firmware updates that add functionality as your platform ages, instead of being less viable they are more useful than they first started. not just for games but for more applications for entertainment. Netflicks on handhelds is a prime example. remember it's not so much looking for upfront sales it's to keep the consumer using an buying content for the device from your existing userbase.

their competeing for your entertainment free time.

the 2nd part is Sony has a unified development platform that operates not only on smartphones but it also works on the PSVita. less upfront cost's to developer's the point is those very same iphone developer's an Android smartphone developer's that make application's can set their game or non game application to run on the PSVita also with little to no real cost's for investment. Its like leaving more money on the table.

Sony's priced the PSVita inline with what "CONVERGENCE" Devices are today.

both the Nintendo 3DS an PSVita are not just game machine's anymore, yes the main function an design direction is gaming, but they like the smartphones an tablets that are now more prominent in the gaming market due to their convergence into this gaming market, Has changed along with the trend's.

Sales are one thing but loosing too much market share is another.The point is both Sony an Nintendo the market share in the handheld game industry is not like it was many year's ago. it's better to be profitable in the game handheld industry than fight for a market share dominance that has been lost to the smartphone a long time ago. Sony knows this why do you think the made the Playstation Suite for in the first place.

its for the long haul of software sales, which is the whole point. the cost to make software for the PSVita is really cheap enough that even homebrew developer's can make software for it.

Schonn2263d ago

I have a Vita, and I think it's pretty awesome, but what I really want is a wider selection of games. Don't get me wrong though, the launch line-up is good and all but as of right now, there isn't really anything released that interests me (the game I really look forward to is Gravity Rush). Of course, because the Vita is so new, it's only natural that there isn't a lot of games for it yet. Can't wait till June though, that's when a ton of promising looking games come out!

rezzah2263d ago

The games currently out now hold my interest, but not for long. I need to take a break before I go back and play them.

I'm waiting for a game that will want me to come back and play more.

Something like Monster Hunter!

bakagaijin782263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I have the wi-fi model and I'm really enjoying it so far. Navigating through games/applications is simple and intuitive (love the touch-screen) and the dual analog sticks are great for games. I feel like its a PS3 combined with an ipod touch and I love that.

My only gripe is that it can be uncomfortable to play games on after a decent length of time. When switching between using the analog sticks, buttons, touch-screen and also the touch-pad on the back, it can be awkward. However, I suspect that it might be because the system is rather large (much larger then I expected) and my hands are pretty small. I'm a woman so my hands are obviously smaller then a man.

I'm also anxious for some new games to come out for it. Most of the current offerings aren't really my taste, but I do love Uncharted (I'm actually liking it better than Uncharted 3), Plants vs Zombies, and I have a few PSP games that work on it too.

Can't wait for Disgaea 3 and I'll probably pick up the upcoming Resistance game. I'm also hoping that Persona 4 gets a North American release too.

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