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PS4 launch games, the titles that will blow us away

PlayStation Universe claims to have some inside knowledge about some of the launch games planned from PS4 as it selects 11 potential titles that may make the cut. (Beyond Good & Evil 2, Gran Turismo 6, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3)

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Chaostar  +   1266d ago
I can see Gran Turismo 6 being a PS4 launch title; with everything Sony has learned this gen about developer involvement in hardware design you can bet Polyphony Digital have a large influence. The delay in getting GT5 out the door this gen actually had a negative effect on how gamers and critics viewed the game itself, which is ridiculous but sadly true.
BrunoM  +   1266d ago
There's some titles that are a given for day one ..

FIFA nfl NHL normal sports games then there's always ridge racer lol

As for the List they have well wow lol gt6 I think is the hardest one to get .. They do like to take their time with GT dev ..

If they have a line up to rival vitas first 3 months not bad variety is the key ..

But hey of they get uncharted Gran turismo FIFA and a good war game il be on it day one and buy thouse 4 games I just said lol
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mantisimo  +   1266d ago
Clever article, what a great way to say "WOW look whats coming"! and be able to make a bunch of crap up to get hits by saying "we must protect our sources by putting in red herrings so YOU decide whats going to be released"

Marketing ambiguity at it's worst.

That said of course I hope several are true. ;)
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guitarded77  +   1266d ago
There's always a Ridge Racer on day 1 :D
Dee_91  +   1266d ago
The look on people face when GT6 comes on ps3 will be priceless.

All these xbox 720 and ps4 articles are so pointless.I dont know about microsoft but sony made it clear that ps3 has alot of time left.I think im missed the memo where ps4 and xbox 720 was announced to come out in 2013 /s.
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roadkillers  +   1266d ago
Dmarc: The look on your face when the Xbox 720 and PS4 are announced this year will be priceless ;)
thats_just_prime  +   1266d ago
this is just a wishlist some throw together to get you to click on their crappy site. I can see NFS and AC those games come out yearly. So you'll probably see CoD and Madden and all the other crappy yearly games. Yearly games are not likely to be all that inpressive as most like they will just be upscaled version of the 360/ps3/wiiu versions. Probably get 1 major exclusive my money be on a KZ game
sikbeta  +   1266d ago

It better be a launch title, I can't imagine what PD will do with more powerful HW, GT5 has evolved into such an awesome game over the updates, it's not perfect, but I'm sure if it wasn't for the HW restrictions, it really could be
irepbtown  +   1266d ago
I wont be buying a PS4/Xbox 720 day one anyway.
Prices will be off the roof, no doubt about that.
Legion  +   1266d ago

Yes, announced this year to come out in 2013. No 720 or PS4 this year.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1266d ago
I think most people are expecting GT6 to be on PS3.
BUT I wouldn't be too surprised if it was an early PS4 game.

GT5's premium cars are next-gen ready.
Kurt Russell  +   1265d ago
I still really like Ridge Racer :(
blackmamba707  +   1266d ago
whoever gets devkits first will spit their games out first,

which is Guerilla and Naughty

I wouldn't hold my breath on GT6, looking back at GT release history, never on launch

and you really need to have "4" in title ;)
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Trey_4_life  +   1266d ago
Every GT release has been a technological breakthrough, pushing the boundaries of racing simulations and showing how advanced the technology sony is that sony uses.

The PS4 will be the pinnacle of gaming, pushing the limits of what is capable, and finally cementing it's position as the worlds premier console and software maker.
andibandit  +   1266d ago

If that is your definition of a
"Technological Breakthrough"
i suggest you spend more time in the real world.
Tonester925  +   1266d ago
I wonder if we're going to keep the same PSN names and Intergrate our data over to the PS4
kcuthbertson  +   1266d ago
God I sure hope so...

I'll be quite upset if we have to make new names.
venomcarnage89  +   1266d ago
Vita does it. It would be a massive step backwards if PS4 doesn't do it so all I will say is it should be obvious that it will happen, and they would really have to be retarded not to do it this way.

I hope for backwards compatibility, and the ability to play my PS3 games online on my PS4, with my friends who are still on their PS3's.
sikbeta  +   1266d ago
It is a must, so much investment in PSN games and all that, it'd be totally crap to start over again
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Jamaicangmr  +   1266d ago
@ Chaostar
"The delay in getting GT5 out the door this gen actually had a negative effect on how gamers and critics viewed the game itself"

Yeah almost every review spoke of the delay as if they reviewed the delay along with the game.
Dee_91  +   1266d ago
You know ive been keeping up with gt5 so much prior to its release and after its release and I have yet to see an actual delay announced by PD ( besides the nov. 2 delay ).Just a bunch of sites guessing when it comes out then when it didnt come out claim it got delayed then the actual delay they just slapped a "AGAIN" at the end... Thats the sad part...
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dragon82  +   1266d ago
That's the problem with this generation. If some random "journalist" wannabe with a website/blog writes something, it suddenly becomes fact among internet fanboys.

The FACT is that GT5 was not "delayed" until it missed it's "OFFICIAL" launch date of Nov. 2, 2010. It released on Nov. 24, 2010 which is a whopping 22 day delay.
showtimefolks  +   1266d ago
GT6 will launch in fall 2013 because work has already started on gt6, and this time with engine being there already and PD knows what they have to improve i believe we will see Gt6 in fall 2013

on a side note why didn MS announce another forza title i mean forza 4 just came out, i guess now you see the power of GT as an IP
hellzsupernova  +   1266d ago
new ip from GG
God of War
new ip from Media Molecule
The last of Us 2
New ip from uncharted team
New ip from Sony Japan
The Getaway
Sony Smash Bros 2
I also want backwards compatability with ps1, 2 and 3 if possible at least 1 and 2 though.

PLus a slew of third party exclusive games would be great.
venomcarnage89  +   1266d ago
Two Naughty Dog games at launch? Yeah.. not happening.
hellzsupernova  +   1266d ago
@venom why not? why cant it happen WHO are you to say it CANNOT happen.

and so what if this is my PERSONAL list.
venomcarnage89  +   1266d ago
I didn't say it can't, just said that it won't.

Considering every comment on here said how this was just glorified wish list of an article, I didn't give the site a hit, so I didn't know if this was their list or yours.

Either way, with that in mind, two Naughty Dog games at launch would indeed be great, but even with two teams at ND, this would spread them a little thin considering it is a new system. I think we would get a better product if they didn't have to meet a simultaneous deadline for 2 games. Releasing a launch title, and then another 12 to 18 months later would ensure A. we aren't getting too much too soon, and B. We are getting the best quality ND can deliver. I for one am patient enough.
morkendo23  +   1266d ago
Gran turismo 6 be a Excellent ps4 launch, hope it dont take 6 years to finish.
the NEW need for speed # 8 hope its not like "open world online universe" but more like back to its root
say like ps1 the need for speed, NFS 2,3,4
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Lewis88554639   1266d ago | Spam
Hanif-876  +   1266d ago
Exactly. Also, they used so much polygons to model the premium cars where Kaz said that they could reuse them with the next generation of Sony's console. I guess that he was hinting to us back then. I can believe that GT6 will be a PS4 launch title and i still have my G27 ready and waiting.........
Crazyglues  +   1266d ago
Well two things are clear from that list, One, it's clear PS4 is set to be released Nov 2013..

And if that's the case we will probably get an announcement at E3 2012

They also forgot some Games - One of the biggest one's which will indeed be on next-gen consoles is Battlefield 4 (BF4 Oct 2013) DICE has already stated how badly next-gen was needed for BF3 and that the game is a PS4 title on PS3...

So no question they will be stepping up their game hard for BF4 on PS4

But this also brings up a more important question - What is PS4 going to cost? -Because with all those games coming out in 2013 that means one thing..

Were all going to be going broke because with the cost of the system ($600 to $800) and most likely 5 must have games @ ($65 a pop) that's a +325 to the cost of the system.. don't even get me started on tax

people it's looking like you are going to need $1,125 or more for the end of 2013 just to be safe..

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DeadlyFire  +   1266d ago
I am hoping they wait until Frostbite 3.0 engine before they push Battlefield 4(2015) out the door. I am doubtful that engine will exist until at least 2013-2015. Battlefield 3 will last at least 4 years from launch date. Around the 2nd year I expect Bad Company 3 to appear(2013).
Korix  +   1266d ago
So when a game keeps being postponed and worked on, it should not be criticized as such?
If a game is 10 years in the making, don't you think it's fair to expect more from it, than a game that has only been in development for 2 years?
With the amount of time they had on GT5, they left a lot to be desired. The 2.0 update should have been launch material, and it should have been out a year earlier - at least - then it might have gotten more positive feedback.
So much time was spent on it, and so little content was found in the game. Not standard cars, but actual racing content - race events, tracks, premium cars (better selection), etc. Who was the idiot that decided the Veyron didn't need a premium model, but instead needed to handle like a brick?
Chaostar  +   1266d ago
"So when a game keeps being postponed and worked on, it should not be criticized as such?"

This is the problem right here, according to you a delay to improve a game should be viewed as a criticism and not a good thing. I'd prefer games to be judged on their comparative quality in their respective genres and not by the length of time from announcement to release.
Korix  +   1266d ago
I never said that delays are bad in themselves.
I said that if a game is delayed, it should be more thoroughly critiqued. This does not by itself mean the game should loose points in the final review, but simply be reviewed more in-depth. If the game is delayed, then surely there is more to look after - after all, they did the delay for a reason, some part of the game must have been worked on more.
Honestly, don't you think it's fair to make more in-depth reviews of games that has been long in development, than games with short development times? If not, you'd review XBLA and PSN games by the same standards as hugely publicized games such as COD, GT5, Uncharted, etc.
I'm not saying delays are bad (if they make the game better, then great!) but when a game is continually delayed (officially or not) it better make the extra wait worth it. And as far as I'm concerned, GT5 did not deliver. It kept being worked on forever, and when it finally came out, so much was left to be desired.
I have never owned an xbox, but seeing how Forza is developed makes me wish PD would learn something from Turn 10.
The driving itself in GT5 is where its strength lies. I love it. But as a game, feature wise, so much has been left out.
You couldn't even rewind or fast forward replays until 2.0, how basic is that?
You say that games should be reviewed on their comparative quality. Longer development, bigger budget - higher expectations, more critique. How is that unfair to the game and its developer?
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Chaostar  +   1265d ago
Ah I see the misunderstanding here, the problem lies not in whether or not you should raise your expectations upon hearing of improvements to a game but in how much you raise those expectations.

My point was that people had unrealistic expectations after foolishly believing media reports of 'massive delays' despite a release date never being announced. This showed in almost every review where the development time was used in negative light to elicit a false sense of disappointment.

I don't how you came to the conclusion that I meant 'review all games the same', including PSN XBL games. I just think that development time should not be used as a negative review factor.

Also, I never questioned the criticisms you keep mentioning, they are a legitimate part of your and/or any reviewers opinion of the actual game.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1266d ago
Silly wishlist...
DeadlyFire  +   1266d ago
I doubt GT 6 will be available day one, but I do suspect them to be making a title for PS4. I think they will shorten development time a little.

I laugh at the thought of next gen. Need for Speed. The only title in the franchise that does them well is Hot Pursuit. Well from my viewpoint. Yet they keep trying to break away from it by making something new every year. 2-3 year development cycle = solid game. 4-6+ years(unless MMO) = overworked and overdone game. Was probably great at some point, but then changed along the way.
xc7x  +   1266d ago
No modern shooter on the list,makes it incomplete.
The Meerkat  +   1266d ago
Maybe if we are lucky Modern Shooters will be out of fashion next gen.
IMO they suck the soul from the games industry.
DigitalRaptor  +   1266d ago
I'd be glad honestly if there were no "modern shooter" so to speak.

I'm actually sick of the obsession this gen has brought to the shooter category. I'm not knocking the great ones (cause there have been plenty over the years and the best ones aren't even the most popular), but the generic modern shooter like Call of Duty is sucking the life out of an industry where creativity used to be much more valued and a much more popular option.

I'll be buying the first person shooters with dynamic gameplay, variety, creativity and substance in every aspect, such as BioShock Infinite and Far Cry 3. I don't care if it has no multiplayer since I'm above that "requirement".

Or they could solve everything and bring back TimeSplitters!
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coolasj  +   1266d ago
I'd rather the PS2 obsession with Platformers.
Or the PS1 obsession with RPGs.
When the gaming industry finds a new series they just put out every year, I hope it's not an FPS.
BrunoM  +   1266d ago
I agree with Meerkat lol

And I do AGREE 110% with DigitalRaptor

But don't worry from what we know and see tere will be a Modern warfare game lol COD is now a game like EAs sport games I yearly game so we will get a MW game or a black ops ..
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torchic  +   1266d ago
Crysis 3 & inFamous 3 would make me jump to PS4 day one.
sly-Famous  +   1266d ago
Infamous yes! Crysis NO!
THC CELL  +   1266d ago
i want to see less patches next gen only major
dredgewalker  +   1266d ago
Sadly it will actually get worse as the games get more complex with each generation.
GameBadger  +   1266d ago
I concur most wholeheartedly.
monkey nuts  +   1266d ago
Easyfix. Don't connect your console/s of choice to the network. . . . .
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1266d ago
Final Fantasy Versus 13
WitWolfy  +   1266d ago
never heard about it ;)
aaron5829  +   1266d ago
Uncharted 4 and GT6 as a launch title ?

I'm in !
GraveLord  +   1266d ago
I doubt Uncharted would continue anymore.(except on the Vita)

Do you know nothing of Naughty Dog history?
OmniSlashPT  +   1266d ago
What? 1 game series per generation? They have 2 teams now, one for TLOU and one for a new game...probably UC4. Besides, Uncharted was their hit series, their most sucessful series ever, so it's likely to continue in the PS4...and if ND pushed UC graphics in the PS3, imagine that with a next gen console.
venomcarnage89  +   1266d ago
Naught Dog has stated they will keep making Uncharted games as long as fans ask for them, and it looks like a lot of people want more, so I think we will see Uncharted on the PS4.

Times change, and companies adapt to those changes.
ScytheX3  +   1266d ago
lol every 'next gen' console game will only look as good as current gen pc games, (and i play console!) your average console gamer will never understand that a ps3/360 is essentially a mini pc with very limited capabilities. and current top rig pcs arent even capped yet in capabilities
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1266d ago
Have you seen a next gen game ? no.
I know what pc can do and I don't give a shit about
pc. I have free online on ps3, I play on big hd tv
(not small pc screen), I get great exclusives every
year, all my friends are on ps3, I don't need to
spend money upgrading my ps3...

I have God Of War 3 and Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3
and only an idiot would say that that games look
like shit. How are consoles "very limited" if I play
amazing games all these years ? LOL

I don't need a pc. And it's pretty pathetic that pc
fanboys compare a console from 2006-2007 to a current pc. Tell me, what pc exclusives are coming out ?

Everyone is saying that EPIC's Samaritan demo is amazing. What if PS4 can run that game ?
Will THEN pc gamers say that consoles are shit ?
WitWolfy  +   1266d ago
Dude just paste this instead


There we go, thats why consoles are better in my opinion.
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ScytheX3  +   1265d ago
lol your an idiot and a half, especially after claiming i play on big hd tv, LOLZ and then prior claiming i know what pc do, well monkey you know what pc do, then you know pc connect to any tv via cable, whether svideo, component, composite, or hdmi, so monkey thats that, and there are tons of pc/mac exclusives that console doesnt have btw but fuck it, monkeys' brains are very limited =) so wont go into further details
sly-Famous  +   1266d ago
Dont be silly son, current PC games dont even look as good as pc gamers claim it to be, besides as far as game-play goes, which, believe it or not, matters more than graphics, pc exclusives will always, always, always be second best or third best if you count the Wii.
Boody-Bandit  +   1266d ago
Who is the one being silly here really?
You sound like someone that has not seen what PC games look like in the past couple years. Even games that are on the consoles (BF3, NFS, SSFIVAE, Crysis 2, etc) look in another stratosphere when compared to the console counterparts.

If you have a top of the line video card you can do 16QX anti aliasing and max settings. Everything is so much more detailed while smoother at the same time. This effect even on a game like SSFIVAE is staggering and that game isn't exactly a graphics juggernaut.

Let's not forget the 800lb gorilla in the room that "hopefully" next gen console will be able to do, PHYSX. Even in Batman Arkham City with physx enabled, it looks literally out of this world compared to what the console versions look like without it. Even you haven't seen or know what it is I suggest watching videos on it.

You, and most other people can bury your head in the sand until you suffocate. It wont change the simple fact that at best, when the new consoles are released, they "might" be on par with the current crop of PC machines out but not with top of the line vid cards.

With in a year of their release they will once again be swallowed up by PC technology. If it even takes that long. It's just the simple reality of technology and cost effectiveness of consoles. You can't expect a $400 - 600 console (probable console release price) to compete with a PC that has 1 video card that cost double that.

The new GTX 690 will be hitting retail shortly for $1000 dollars. Do you honestly believe a next gaming console costing half of that will be on par or better? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Edit: you can pound disagree until your finger bleeds and you have a mini stroke while doing so. What I said is fact and that is what you are disagreeing with. Disagreeing with facts only makes me smile. I eat disagrees like women do chocolate during their periods.
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BushLitter  +   1266d ago
@sly-famous... Dude I'm a console gamer, and I love the crap out of my PS3 but I have to agree with Brutallyhonest on this one. PC games look superb. I've just recently got myself a rig with a GTX 580 card, and its crazy how good games look on it.

@Brutallyhonest... that said, while PC games look a hell of a lot better, you have to admit that when it comes to sheer variety of quality games, the consoles just kill PC. You don't get uncharted, infamous or god of war on PC.

That's why I'll have both, PC for multiplats and PS3 for exclusives. Can't wait to see what darksiders 2 looks like on my PC :) or Max Payne 3, Hitman, Tomb Raider, and I'll also be playing Assassins Creed for the first time in true HD!
SSultan  +   1266d ago
I ran Amensia maxed out the other day and it looked better than anything on consoles. My friend had the nerve to say a console port would require better graphics. How??? Lol.
specialguest  +   1266d ago
Wrong... and here's why
Current PC games don't look as amazing as it potentially should with graphic cards going as high as 3GB. If the next gen consoles were released today with similar to or a little less in specs than current high end PCs, initially the console games probably won't look better. However, within a couple of years, console games would surpass PC games with PC specs of today(2012).

My proof comes from history. Show me a PC game from '06 using '06 PC hardware that comes close to games like UC3.
Vorax  +   1266d ago
There is one, a year later in 2007, but crysis says hi, with one 8800 gt at 1280x720 on high is enough
specialguest  +   1266d ago
I've been waiting for someone to mention Cyrsis haha
First of all, Crysis was a game from 2007, not 2006. In relation to ScytheX3 saying 'next gen' consoles won't be better than curren PC games, that makes the Crysis example irrelevant.

Crysis was a game where PC game developers truly pushed PC hardware. The result was that even high end PCs couldn't run Crysis on max and at a good framerate during that year. Crysis still holds up in terms of graphics today, about 5 years later.
BIGBOSS08  +   1266d ago
but... who plays games on their pc?
monkey nuts  +   1266d ago
People who like to play games and watch porn. At the same time.
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st-BiOZ  +   1266d ago
Ps3 launch titles hmmm... been there, done that.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1266d ago
Uncharted 4 here i come..
sly-Famous  +   1266d ago
Dont want to see the PS4 until at least 2014.
AusRogo  +   1266d ago
Uncharted 4, killzone 4, gran turismo 6, killer line up!
portugamer  +   1266d ago
Gt6 will be with ps4, for sure:

Let's not forget the incredible work they did on gt5.
They have many tracks and more than 200 cars modeled.
I think when they did it for gt5, they were already thinking about gt6.

For example, all the premium cars are made using millions of polygons, add were just scaled down, to fit ps3 tech. For example, during races, cars had like 100-150'000 polygons, and maybe 300'000, during photo mode.

For gt6, on ps4, polyphony digital could use like 400'000-1'000'000 polygons during races, and 3-4 millions,with raytracing, on photo mode.

As for the tracks, they already have dozens of tracks from gt5, they just need to change textures.like a much better grass, real trees,instead of those xz textures,etc.

As for the sounds, they perfectly captured +1000 cars, maybe they will use uncompressed sound, instead of mp3 or waves.

So there you have:

- 200 premium cars, with million polygon models, ready to be used - check
- dozens of tracks with new highdef textures - check
- +1000 uncompressed sounds from engines,etc. - check
- photo mode with millions pixels from 200 premium cars - check

What they need for gt6, that couldn't be done on ps3:

- add new textures for standard cars
- complete day night cycles, for all the tracks
- weather changes for all tracks. You start a race, its raining, rain stops, there is a lot of wind, some black clouds come, it starts snowing,
You start a race early in the morning, there is a lot of fog, few day light. It starts raining, stops,big sunshine.
With the ps4, I would like to see some dynamic snow.as it falls, it adds some layers on the ground, on the next track, there are other layers of snow.

I want pd to add:

- a story mode. You start with a small little car, as you earn cash,you can modify your car, wining races would give us new parts,like the weapon upgrades, on mass effect, for example. So every player in be world have a different car
- more European cars
- 20 new tracks
- helmet view
- an entire city, modeled, for free riding, like burnout paradise
- video save, at 1080p
- full replay
- etc etc
AusRogo  +   1266d ago
Id love for them to put the Australian v8 supercars series in it, that would be sweet
wenaldy  +   1266d ago
The Getaway (highly detailed greater london, lol) and Eight Days.
KingofGambling  +   1266d ago
I was about to say that if those games are not releasing this gen, than it would be for next gen.
dcortz2027  +   1266d ago
Oh yeah! -Kool Aid guy. No but seriously, Sony releasing these games as PS4 launch titles would be crazy and unexpected, I hope they do. Biggest gaming surprise ever?
milohighclub  +   1266d ago
Biggest gaming surprise ever= sonic on a Nintendo console.
DeletedAcc  +   1266d ago
Uncharted 4 !!!!!
#14 (Edited 1266d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
portugamer  +   1266d ago
Bring it :)
#14.1 (Edited 1266d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CRASHBASHUK  +   1266d ago
hmm maybe ratchet and clank? IG dont have a ps3 game to move onto ps4 its only ratchet and clank :)
i wonder how big sims 3/4 will be on ps4 hmm
been news that sega have big plans for sonic next gen
#15 (Edited 1266d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ExpectTheUnexpected  +   1266d ago
None of those games will be launch titles, look at it from a business stand point. They're all high production, that require good sales which I don't believe is possible in the first year of releasing a new console.
portugamer  +   1266d ago
Of course, from a developer stand point, its better to release a AAA game when there are 50 million consoles sold, than as a launch title.

But if nobody takes that risk, will we buy a ps5, with 128 cell processors and 128gb of memory, for 500$, if during 6 months there is no games to play?

You can have a huge lineup, with little or no new IPs.
Does killzone,uncharted,little big planet,gran turismo, need for speed,metal gear solid,motorstorm,etc have to prove something, to gamers?
These games are very well known, and people,like me, can't wait to put their hands on a graphically crazy killzone 4, uncharted 4,god of war 5,etc.

But if your first game ever will be on ps4, and nobody knows your name or studio, people could skip the game, even if its great, because, well, you aren't naughty dog or santa Monica.and there is a risk to lose some money, because people will spend their money on big titles.

When ps4 is released, and even if I have to save money, during 1 year, will I be able to not buy these games:
- uncharted
- little big planet
- killzone
- mgs
- infamous
- gt6
- ratchet
- etc etc

Answer: impossible.

Those are games that I love, and even if I have to eat beans and brocoli for the next 3 months, I will buy them all, not the first day, but the first week.

We could see some games, with upgraded graphics. Imagine a god of war 3, at 30 fps, and compressed textures at 70%.
Santa Monica could say 'well, take god of war 3, make it playable at 120fps, and let's use ZERO compression on graphics and textures, thanks to the ps4 power'. This could make games look like New, with incredible perfect textures.

The same for naughty dog. They take uncharted 3, and use its textures with no compression, at 60 fps, with no limit on graphics quality. Let's imagine how insane it would look. Would I pay like 5$, for a patch, that would let me play uncharted 3, with 5 times more quality, on ps4? Sir, yes, sir.for sure.

God of war 3 , 6 times better, graphically, at 60 fps? Give it to me.

If they do a little big planet 3, on ps4, I don't dare imagining what they could do. They could make a call of duty editor, for creating maps, a character editor, a text editor, a voice speech engine, to read your texts, a weapon editor, with microchip editor, for creating add ons, like mass effect weapons, a lightning editor, a effect creator, textures creator, for making procedural texturing, like far cry 2 engine, a multi view camera editor, AI generator,etc. With ps3, you could make platform games, with your sakcboys walking, jumping,the same way. With ps4, you could create 3d characters from templates, edit them like mass effect Shepard editor,face,body,legs,chin,hai r,etc, make them run, jump,fly,swim,etc. You could make any platform game, with any character, with warp zones,etc.
You could create backgrounds,from real life landscapes, personal photos, or your 3d photos, and let the lbp engine transform it, in a 3d background.
We could take several pictures of our head, following a tutorial, and have a perfect 3d face, that we could use on our avatars, in the game, and let our psn allowed friends see it.

Well, too many things possible on this games, on this console. I can't wait to see its final specs, so I can start dreaming.

Sorry for this long post, guys, but I can't help talking about these future games, on our future ps4.
#16.1 (Edited 1266d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Blasphemy  +   1266d ago
Assassin's Creed and Call of duty are yearly releases so they are pretty much confirmed as next generation launch titles.

The Uncharted and Killzone teams have been releasing console titles about every 2 years so by 2013 it will be time for new installments in the series.
#16.2 (Edited 1266d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Series_IIa  +   1266d ago
Lair and Haze 2
DeadlyFire  +   1266d ago
If Crytek can Reimagine Haze universe. I say they should go for it. Haze wasn't a bad idea, but it just needed more funding and development time.
pucpop  +   1266d ago
GT5 struggles as it is on ps3 e.g. horrendous screen tear, ps1 quality shadows, frame rate drops...

for GT6 i want all of the above erradicated please. thanks. oh, and for you crybabies, i love GT5!!
Me-Time  +   1266d ago
what a bitch
SSultan  +   1266d ago
N311V  +   1266d ago
My local EB Games printed me the release schedule for PS3 the other day and it has GOW4 2012 TBC. Surprised it is not on the list.
Marz  +   1266d ago
Just talking about MGS5 gives me chills. I really want this to be true!!!
josephayal  +   1266d ago
The PLAYSTAION 4 can run something that looks like a Pixar movie in realtime (or better than any pixar movie) The PS4 will blow the PS3 out of the water graphically maybe 15x More powerful
3GenGames  +   1266d ago
15x more? That's a awful big number. Maybe 5x as good, but not really. The only real improvement is the amount of polygons and the textures available, which doesn't mean it'll look better even, it'll just have better draw distances that can have textures that look better at a farther distance. This gen to the next will be the only one that doesn't have an improvement in resolution to try to obtain before trying to improve the graphics, which means there's hope for more improvement than last generations, but I doubt it.

I'd say you can expect about 1080p at 60FPS locked with 1.5GB Graphics RAM with 1GB of that texture RAM. Any more and it becomes disproportional for cost vs results yielded.
NnT3291  +   1266d ago
consoles and pc are far away from being able to render graphics like Pixar in real time. Have you seen Pixar render farm? it's HUGE
#21.2 (Edited 1266d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MidNite  +   1266d ago
I want Beyond Good And Evil 2. Very funny series_lla with your Lair 2 and Haze 2!
Barry_Burton_84  +   1266d ago
Give me Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5 at launch and it's a day one buy for me as far as PS4 goes.
Pyscho_Mantis  +   1266d ago
Gimme those Japanese rpgs Playstation I miss them.....ratchet and clank and a new GT would be amazing too but give some western franchises a rest to recover.
cuguy  +   1266d ago
definitely a good proposed lineup, but a ton of sequels. I would hope there are some new IP's in the pipes as well!
MrBishop  +   1266d ago
I'm stoked for Uncharted 4.
Blasphemy  +   1266d ago
Why isn't there a rumor poll at bottom? I seriously doubt all these games would make launch.
DC1980  +   1266d ago
NBA 2015 The Inside

NFL Gameday 2015

NHL FaceOff 2015
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BushLitter  +   1266d ago
I waiting for Infamous 3. If it's half as good as 2 then it will be equal to 1, and that was bloody fantastic!
ClydeRadcliffe  +   1266d ago
all this article did was list a load of popular ps3 games and add an extra number onto them? i dont get it

here's my exclusive first look at the ps5 launch lineup, but i cant tell you who told me because it's a secret:

call of duty
naughty dog game
assassin's creed game
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