Ridge Race Unbounded Behind the Game Video With Screenshots

Quan Wrote: Greetings, many of you do not know me personally but I am Quan also known as Kuma. Why am I telling you all this because I am interested in knowing the inside information of things and since I studied media art and animation, learning about games and how they work is very fascinating to me. In this video you will learn how the developers came about the mechanics of Ridge Racer Unbounded. It is a great in my opinion when developers share “behind the scenes” footage of how they came about bringing their creative ideas to life. I hope you all enjoy and be sure to check back for more information, stay frosty!

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Stansolo2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

This game don't really get me excited at all, I not even looking forward to it. I've seen it in action and its nothing new at all. Its just another Burnout with the option to smash through buildings, its all been done before.
Don't bore me...

Stansolo2041d ago

Lol, I'm not mad I just wanted a classic ridge racer. Don't get me wrong it looks great.

BuffMordecai2042d ago

Looks like I found my new Burnout.

SavageKuma2041d ago

Yea I am digging this as my new burnout as well.