Nomura almost finished working on information for future Final Fantasy Versus XIII update

Tetsuya Nomura provides cryptic update about Final Fantasy Versus XIII in Famitsu.

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PirateThom2259d ago

Game is vapourware. Until I see some proof it's in development, I don't think it exists. The fact he's "working on information" is ridiculous...

ritsuka6662259d ago

Probaly cancelled game... maybe for PS4 title?

RedDead2259d ago

FF versus 13 team was hard at work.....working on information about what they've made so far.

gaffyh2259d ago

Hopefully not cancelled, but I wish they rename it to FF15, because 13 has gotten milked a little too much already.

iamtehpwn2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

For a Second I thought the title said "Nomura almost finished working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII" and I was ready to piss my pants.

Of course, that misread was too good to be true...I'm only 20 and it feels like I won't live to see the light of day when this game releases. I've been dying to at least learn more about it.

lastdual2259d ago

I also did a double take, but actually *expected* that I was reading it wrong the first time :)

Thought process: "FFvsXIII almost finished? No, that can't be right..."

At this point, Square Enix should just roll with the absurdity. Maybe release a countdown site ticking off the seconds until we get a trailer hyping the release of the "information".

Seriously, this is Japan's problem. They don't need to imitate the West. They just need to make more AAA games that actually GET RELEASED in a reasonable time frame.

pedo_across-the-road2259d ago

W0W! this game was revealed when you were 14, kinda sad that this game has been in development for so long

maniacmayhem2259d ago

I agree, this was announced damn near when the ps3 launched.

So far two FF sequels have come and went and not one word from Vs.

I think this game has probably gone through many production stages of scrap, rebuilds to on hold until they can figure out their direction.

user77927882259d ago

Theres TONS of information on Versus you just haven't been looking or paying attention


DigitalRaptor2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )


I agree.

Anyone who is saying that it's vapourware, then you've obviously been missing the tidbits that Square and Nomura have released over the years and in particular, the hard-to-miss gameplay trailer that was released last year. And since then, the build has undergone a merger with the new Luminous engine so the lighting will apparently be even better. To believe that it is being built and then scrapped is ridiculous. The only valid reason for it's delays is it being put on hold because of other priorities such as XIII, XIII-2 and X HD.

The only problem with his game, is that Square announced it too early. We would be nowhere near as impatient waiting for it otherwise. I'm waiting for this game to blow me away and the only obstacle is time.

PshycoNinja2259d ago

I am still very excited to see more of this game, however Square Enix do need to release this game. I still believe it will be a great game but they have been working on this game for way too long. Enough with perfecting the game (this is how Nomura is) and release it.

I just don't understand what the hold up is anymore.

WitWolfy2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Im with Thom,I'm starting to think this was a tech demo all along.

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Godmars2902259d ago

Even at this point if the game actually exist, I'm going to have a hard time believing its decent much less good until I'm playing a demo.

Maybe even then.

Valorous_Entity2259d ago

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON?!? He can't give out info due to UNRELATED reasons? WTF does that mean. What a joke.

Outside_ofthe_Box2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Uh-oh... It seems like SE might be debating on whether or not to make the game multiplat... That would explain why he can't give out info. And if they do decide to go multiplat they would have to delay versus 13 yet again which would make releasing info now foolish...

I hope this isn't true.

SkyCrawler2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I think they've already decided...It's taken WAY too long to get this game shelved. For atleast half a year after the showing at the conference there has been little to NO articles about the game til now. Everyone went back to wishing for KH3. <-btw WTH square!!?!

Godmars2902259d ago

If they're debating then the game is likely already a lost cause. DVD format will have to be the in mind preference, and whatever graphic performance they've promised is going to go to crap in the name of standardization.

Their first and foremost concern should be playability, not access. Know it not a popular though but the Xbox is all but dead in Japan so it makes no sense whatsoever to consider it in terms of equality much less to make the system popular - especially with this gen practically over.

Really, what the hell is Wada thinking? Nomura for that matter. Didn't he threaten to quit?

Disccordia2259d ago

Maybe its not 360 but ps3/wiiu

wnek92259d ago

thats honestly the only thing i could think of delaying this game.

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Stove2259d ago

I laughed hard. Thank you.

torchic2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

only reason why this game has taken so long to show up is because Square Enix for some idiotic reason made Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels first priority, with XIV also becoming a bigger priority. Nomura himself spent most of his time on XIII. towards the end of last year he said that the game had entered full production for the first time. judging XIII-2 for all we know SE could've pulled some staff from the Versus team again to work on XIII-3.

but I fully expect the game to be finished by the end of the yearand follow a cycle similar to that of XIII-2.

don't think it's gone multiplatform either. many signs point to that imo. seems like the man is intent on pulling an MGS4 and maxing out a Blu-ray disc. maybe that's another reason why its taking so long? because he's making it so friggen awesome?

bahabeast2259d ago

gameplay please, not much else matters @ this point

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