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Next-Gen. High definition: check. Full online support: check. Community: che… wait a second

GamingLives' latest recruit Adam discusses the game that changed his life, and his first experience of playing online back in 2003 with his Playstation 2, thanks to the little-known Network Adapter. With so few people playing online at the time, it was easy to forge long-term friendships and yet, with so many people now playing online, it now appears to much more difficult to achieve genuine friendship. (Culture, PS2, PS3, Socom: US Navy Seals, Tony Hawk's Underground, Wii, Xbox 360)

gtxgamer2  +   1131d ago
This gen is already High definition, Next gen is Higher Definition =]
shadow2797  +   1131d ago
Uh, it's a retrospective.
LiquidT  +   1131d ago
This current gen is generally regarded as "Next Gen", and the article makes it very clear that he's talking about the current generation, if you'd read the article rather than the summary.

I had no idea you could play online with the PS2! Microsoft kept that one quiet when they talk about how the Xbox more or less started online gaming with consoles!

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