Why I'm Psyched For The Witcher 2 On Xbox 360

GamingUnion: "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was a critical and commercial success when it launched on the PC last May. I had the pleasure of reviewing it at the time, and I can easily see why it went on to sell over one million copies around the world. However, given that the game was effectively a poster boy for the genre on the platform, it was quite surprising to hear that it would be ported over to the Xbox 360, especially as the PS3 was negated from the equation entirely."

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joab7772075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I am psyched and i m not. I do not have a high end pc, though that may be changing, so i am very excited to get this game. My problem is that i have no patience. I bought arkham city, only to retire early for skyrim which i spent 265 hours playing. Then, just in time, i got kingdoms of amalur. I was loving it, about 80 hours in and still on the 1st island. Then mass effect 3 released, and while the debate rages concerning the ending, i am 18 hours in and just rescued the female krogan. I've only got a few weeks until the witcher 2 & i m very excited, but will it suppliant me3? I doubt it, but it's 1 playthrough for now and reckoning and batman, along with battlefield, mw3, u3 r going to b resting for awhile.

JoeyTZG2075d ago

Everyone should buy this game it's great and I feel the people the CD Projekt are true gamers. They take a solid stance against DRM (pc version obviously) and deserve your money. I only wish they'd port it over to ps3 sometime, I'd love to do a third walkthrough on ps3 :)

pandehz2075d ago

The Witcher 2 has a proper story and is well told.
I know that might be the simplest description for a game but it truly does that best. Many games lately don't seem to worry about the way a story is told but not this game.

Chuk52073d ago

It's pretty clear where you're sending this jab.

josephayal2075d ago

I think I'm psyched. I can predict things

ninjahunter2075d ago

So my friend will stop complaining about how its such a terrible game name, hele have to stop because his jaw will have dislocated to the nearest floor.