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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1431d ago | interview

EDGE - Jaffe in no rush for next gen

EDGE - "You go through the cycle enough and you realise today's 'Oh my fucking God' is tomorrow's 'Eh, whatever'." (David Jaffe, Next-Gen)

deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1431d ago
I'm really not sure whether or not I agree with him. His point is good that it quickly becomes as he says "Eh, whatever" but I know that when I play next gen consoles I'm going to have the oh my god feeling.
vortis  +   1431d ago

Are we going to get the same crap with "OMG!" quality graphics or are we actually going to get better games?

I'm going to go out on a limb (and I know fanboys from both sides will plaster me for this) but I just don't feel any game this gen compared to what was offered in GTA: San Andreas and Scraface: The World is Yours.

It feels like games actually moved backwards from those concepts. I also really, really liked the first Godfather game which had a bit of business micromanagement fused with actually getting into the nit-and-grit of forcefully or persuavely taking them over, something that was never fully explored or expanded on this gen.

I don't know but I think I agree with him insofar that there's been a lot of disappoint this gen compared to coming out of the PS2 era. I feel like gameplay wise most games took a step backward while very few here and there took a step or two forward.
LOGICWINS  +   1431d ago
"Are we going to get the same crap with "OMG!" quality graphics or are we actually going to get better games?"

I'll take no loading times and dynamic environments over better graphics any day.
Anon1974  +   1431d ago
And next gen doesn't immediately mean better graphics. Hardware isn't the problem. Graphics are only as good as the developers making them. If that wasn't the case, every PC game would look like BF3 or Witcher 2, every PS3 game would look like Uncharted or God of War. We know that PC's are capable of amazing graphics (PC fans on this very site like to remind us of that every single minute) but clearly not every game pushes the graphical envelope on the PC.

The bottleneck is the developers and the resources available to them be it time, money or talent. Most have a hard time pushing the envelope of what's possible on current gen systems. Just like Carmack said months ago, anticipate better performance but don't expect a huge graphical leap next generation.
vortis  +   1431d ago

To be honest, I don't want better graphics. Indie games coming out later this year are already pushing the photorealistic barriers (Project CARS and Assetto Corsa) but I could care less if it meant we could get some awesome games with awesome gameplay.

Limbo is still one of my most favorite games this gen and it didn't push any big graphics boundaries it just used current-day graphic trends in an artistic and inventive way. I wish more devs took this approach instead of trying to aim for the Hollywood blockbuster effect.
GamersRulz  +   1431d ago
I agree with you on that. PS2/1/N64 eras are hard to duplicate.

maybe I'm saying that because I'm getting older and hard to be impressed, but still I think there were more innovations last gen than this gen.
for example:

GTA: it was available in PS1 era but shined last gen.

the list goes on...but to be fair, this gen was OK regarding innovation (from Sony side) but it was also filled with remakes, step backward franchises (FF-SH-DMC....) and COD copycats.
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oricon  +   1431d ago
Jaffe pretty much said what Ive been saying all along, consoles are advancing far too quick, to develop games it costs alot more compared to how much they cost to develop last gen its only hurting devs, games also take more time to develop and people wonder why a lot of games today are barebones compared to last gen, I think this is the main factor that the number of quality games in Japan is a lot less as the Japanese developers are smaller whereas in the west most devs are backed by big publishers such as EA, Activision etc, thats why most Japanese devs have moved onto handheld notice how there are a lot more quality games from Japanese are now on handhelds.

If we keep carrying on this rate next gen games will probably cost more and see a lot more dlc so that devs can cover costs as much as i want to see much more powerful consoles i think it will just hurt the industry and the devs, i think Nintendo were on the right track this gen in that they slowed down the console cycle with the wii by not creating much powerful thus allowing the same quality as games as last gen although this didn't work out since there was bigger audience on the HD systems.

I know what im going to say isn't going to be popular if Sony and Microsoft followed suit with nintendo and had consoles slightly more powerful than last gen the game industry would be in a better position and we would see more quality games even though they might not have amazing graphics, we're in the finals stages of the current gen and now games on current systems costs nearly the equal amount as last gen and by the time we get to the next gen consoles who knows how much more budget is needed to develop games, this could mean alot more dlc, prices of games increase, publishers will want to take less risks with new IPs which is bad for the industry.
Felinox  +   1430d ago
This trend is why there has become such push for the big guys to make engines to liscence. EA saw how Epic was rolling in money from unreal engine and develoed Frostbite 2. Four or five years ago an average gamer coulnt name graphics or physics engines, now today however... Unreal, Cryengine3, frostbie 2, IdTech 5, Source...
Green_Thunder   1431d ago | Spam
theeg  +   1431d ago
nothing has wowed me on console since uncharted 2 and i was only impressed that it was happening on a console, pc graphics from 2007 beat out anything that will ever happen on ps3/360

we DESPERATELY need new consoles to bring out the wow factor again.

the games are becoming stale repeats and remakes

we need new tech and new ip's and more detailed worlds with more realistic interactions!
TekoIie  +   1431d ago
Yeh were not really in a time that would make next gen affordable for many...
gypsygib  +   1431d ago
Maybe because he has yet to make a AAA current-gen game.
-MD-  +   1431d ago
Twisted Metal is AAA enough for me, It doesn't need a massive overblown budget to be the best game on PS3.
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gypsygib  +   1430d ago
One's favourite games is all personal preference but I wouldn't call Twisted Metal a game people typically associate with AAA.

Doesn't matter though, a persons fav game could be a PSN title, f'what other people say.
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CanadianTurtle  +   1431d ago
Everytime I come to this site, I find that the breaking news bar is always those "next gen consoles" articles. Its ridiculous, whys is everyone so crazy about next gen? They just started making really outstanding current gen title! Let them max it out first
josephayal  +   1431d ago
Take ur Time Buddy
i've been too busy with my Vita
brettyd  +   1431d ago
well he's only made 1 1/2 games this gen...

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