3D Realms Use BitTorrent to Promote Duke Nukem Forever

The PC game 'Duke Nukem Forever' has been in production for 10 years so one way or another, it must've cost the developers a small fortune. However, as 3D Realms have decided to release their latest teaser on BitTorrent, distribution of their advertising content by this method will be reduced to zero. Groovy. (December 30, 2007)

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solar3640d ago

i think i speak for everyone who is a fan of the series to say "just come out with the damn game already you F'S" :D

Bazookajoe_833640d ago

That would be a great promotion, now just make that happen....

PirateThom3640d ago

Duke Nukem, a legend that will never die.

Skerj3640d ago

LMAO Duke Nukem Forever needs advertising? All they need is a few web banners that say "It's Done!!" and we'll all know what they're talking about.

AllroundGamer3640d ago

the full game will be also available through bittorrent soon :D

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