Super Mario meets Battlefield in SuperField Bros. 3

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member 'DerpShark’ uploaded an interesting mashup between Battlefield 3 and Super Mario Bros. DerpShark experimented with the Super Marios Bros’ audio and used it to Battlefield 3. The result of this experimentation is SuperField Bros. 3. It looks fun and ironically, Super Marios’ sound suits Battlefield 3 in a weird and crazy way. "

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Hufandpuf2075d ago

i dont get it. BF3 has so many cool user videos out there and people only seem to post about the lame ones.

john22075d ago

yeah, if you have a sense of humor this is a great video :D

CanadianTurtle2075d ago

Well that was sort of a waste of time. Not really anything impressive...Just add sound effects to some BF3 gameplay. Whoopie Doo :/

iagainsti1202075d ago

This would make a great mod.