The most memorable missions in current gen gaming

There are moments in gaming that live on in your mind long after you have stopped playing.

Below are some of the most memorable missions from the current generation that, for good or bad, will stick with many gamers for years to come.

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pangitkqb2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

They missed some goodies, but not bad. I agree that "Easy Going" was a real step into narrative excellence.

xhedleyx2042d ago

Yea, I felt like they were missing a few good games. Decent collection though.

jimineyscrickets2042d ago

Should have included the final level of Resistance 2 where you suddenly have the psychic ability to explode chimera with a thought alone. There you are, escaping a massive chimera ship you just placed a nuclear bomb on and suddenly you are psychic. Then you (Nathan Hale) succumb to the Chimera virus and get "put down."

gameplayingfool2042d ago

The final level of Bioshock was awesome for reasons of story.

sphinct2042d ago

I think it is awesome you can beat the airport mission in MW2 without helping with the slaughter. I love how the writer points that out and that everybody participated anyway. I did! We're digital murderers! Haha

Controversy2042d ago

The jetpack level in Killzone 3. Hopping from iceberg to iceberg with a heavily armed jetpack killing Hellgahst? Yes please.

pangitkqb2042d ago

@ Sphinct

I thought the same thing.

@ gameplaying fool

Good call on Bioschock.

TheSleepyGamer2043d ago

So many games on there that I haven't played. Really makes me want to check them out though.

Interesting read.

pat_11_52042d ago

This really made me want to give Uncharted 3 a try.

Sargerus2042d ago

Suicide Mission from ME2 is definetely memorable

Rampaged Death2042d ago

Deckers Die and the Murderbowl missions from Saints Row 3 were awesome.

pangitkqb2042d ago

I'll have to try Saints Row 3. Haven't had the chance, but i keep hearing good things.

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