Silent Hill: Downpour Scares Up Playstation 3 Hard Drive

TGH Writes: "Silent Hill fans across the globe are eagerly awaiting their chance to pick up the next entry in the Silent Hill franchise but Playstation 3 fans might have be wary of the risks as they enter the town of Silent Hill this time, especially if they lack hard drive space to spare."

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Starfox8112048d ago

Ah seeing as the smallest PS3 you can buy on retail is 160gb I doubt size is really the largest issue for developers or publishers. Its a pain for those with earlier consoles and smaller hard drives, but seeing as every HDD on a PS3 can be upgraded to a 500gb one its again not a critical issue for the devs or publishers. I’ve got a shit ton installed on my PS3, but it’s a 320gb model and its only just half full…

sloth33952048d ago

people still complaining about game installs is funny

brettyd2048d ago

Ps3 owners should never have to worry about HDDspace. 500gb HDDs are like 50 bucks.

FalconR2892048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

4.5gigs is hardly anything now adays. DC Universe Online is 3 times that size and its still ahrdly anything.

svoulis2048d ago

Ha trying to get those hits, I like installing games on my consoles I do it willingly on my 360. The 360 gets so much quieter when you install the games because the DVD-ROM is loud as hell!

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