Lautering Bytes Podcast - Ep. 29: Vita-Vega-Vegamin

GameDynamo - "This time we talk about the Vita, as it's been our life for the past few weeks, but we also go portable with our food chat and talk about the perfect picnic. We discuss Vita games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, and Dynasty Warriors, other titles like MGS 3D and Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and we also chat about the epic cutscene that is Asura's Wrath. Later, we go on a GameStop rant... but mostly talk about Mike (employee of the year). The LB crew is also excited to have on the show a special guest musician, Casey Lalonde, from the Indie Gala bundle. Matt gets a little crazy over the new Assassin's Creed reveal photos, and we hold him down in the bathtub and dump a bucket of ice on him."

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tinydinosaurs2200d ago

As always, thanks for listening! You can leave a voicemail for the show at 818.293.7469 !!!

clede2200d ago

Outstanding podcast. Where else can you find insightful commentary and scholarly debate on both food and video games?

tossinglemons2200d ago

Awesome! Makes me want to get a Vita!

incognietbro2193d ago

It's funny how everyday is a great day for a picnic in southern california.