Has Final Fantasy Officially Lost its Sheen? - Final Fantasy Union

GamingUnion: "Another week, another episode of Final Fantasy Union is here to discuss all things FF related. Unfortunately, there’s very little to discuss! Join in with Darryl, Colin, and Lauren as they sit down to chat about the franchise. After ranting a while about there being very little news since the release of FF13-2, they move into the two pieces of news: the DLC in FF13-2 for Sazh and the estimated sales figures."

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Godmars2902231d ago

If XIII didn't do it XIV did. Though likely well before that.

This Square Enix just doesn't have what Squaresoft did.

koehler832231d ago

His name is Hironobu Sakaguchi.

FlashXIII2231d ago

This + Uematsu. The FF games I grew up loving just wouldn't have been the same without the amazing music he was responsible for.

FinaLXiii2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

My beloved Final Fantasy series have taken a huge quality loss even tough there´s still decent games but lack the greatness like it had in the past.

I hope the japanese that stained their own industry know by now that the awnser was there all along and start making more jrpg´s, platformers and such with alot of deph in story and character ,aside from creative gameplay of course, which is a thing that lacks in many western games. #4

badz1492231d ago Charlie Sheen "sheen"? lol

Inception2231d ago

Talked about FF, where the hell is versus?
i thought SE will give new detail about versus after xiii-2 got released in the US (they don't want versus info blocked xiii-2 sales right?). And here we are in the middle of march 2012 with zero new info bout versus -_-

Also not just versus, where the hell is localization of Type-0?
I mean, some FF fanboy told me that every FF always got an english ver. But after 1/2 years from it released in japan we still never heard an official confirmation from SE for Type-0 localization.

Hm looks like SE doesn't like money so i will write off this two games from my buying list...

Godmars2902231d ago

Type-0 will likely happen in the West on the PSV. Think the JP version's been announced.

trenso12231d ago

i hope its on the psv and psp cause japan has it on psp so idk why it would be on us psps.

zero_cool2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Final fantasy type-0 is pretty solid check it out...

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

CanadianTurtle2231d ago

Ever since FF13, yes I have lost faith in Square Enix to make a good FF game

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