Raymond: Free-to-play 'expensive and unproven', goal is "to become a pastime"

Ubisoft's Jade Raymond of Assassin's Creed-fame, is very busy with her Toronto studio. She's looking ahead and says they "have to get started" on the next technologies.

Mobile and social experiments have to keep going too; the industry is "changing rapidly." Home consoles aren't dead, she says, there'll always be a market for "very high end".

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NYC_Gamer2198d ago

She is still unproven after the horror of Assassin Creed 1

RedDead2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

....she took part in AC2 as well. And AC 1 was a flawed gem, fixed up to a gem with AC2.

Without AC1 there would be no AC2. AC2 was only an improvement on the formula set down by 1. That's why AC1 is a flawed gem.

It's like the Uncharted series set of improvements. Only AC was much more ambitious.

Heartnet2198d ago

AC1 was terrible.. doing the same things over and over and over again until u died of boredom lol

AC2 same formula and just as boring..

pr0digyZA2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

She was involved with the later series, she only took a backseat in the public eye because people were focused on her. You should have seen the harrassment she recieved on forums.(Bet you there will be some weird stuff on this thread).

DeadIIIRed2198d ago

I remember a particularly disturbing comic strip...

gypsygib2198d ago

Well the gameplay was lacking but it did spawn one of the most successful new IPs this gen.

Sashamaz2198d ago

It's easy to improve on a ready made product, it's hard to start one from the beginning. She laid the foundation for the Assassin's creed franchise and for that, she deserves the credit.

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Shazz2198d ago

wouldnt kick her outta bed for eating biscuits lol

ANIALATOR1362198d ago

I'll let her play me any time

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