The DTOID Show: Is Mass Effect 3 ending rage justified?

Now that Max and I have had the chance to recuperate from our long week of GDC insanity, we're back in the studio with a handful of news to report on and a fresh, new outlook on life! (Just kidding, we're as embittered as ever.)

On today's episode, we ruminated on the delay of Diablo III's PvP mode, Mojang's recent legal victory over ZeniMax Media, XBLA's new gamerscore and achievement limit, and Jim's review of Silent Hill: Downpour. Naturally, to round our least favorite day of the week, we had an honest discussion about Mass Effect 3 and all the ridiculous fan backlash it's spawned since its release last week.

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ironcreed2231d ago

It is supposed to be the end of a beloved trilogy and it has a slightly varied stock ending where none of your previous choices really mean anything, and then it cuts off on a cliffhanger. Yeah, I would say people have a right to be upset about that, because it is an obvious set up to sell DLC. Does that leave you feeling satisfied after investing so much time into this series since 2007?

Moncole2231d ago

I am not a fan of Mass Effect but the rage is justified. They are ending a a popular trilogy and giving a horrible ending.

portugamer2231d ago

I haven't finished mass effect 2 yet, but I really love it. Can't wait to play me3 collector edition,that is just waiting near my ps3.

Question: with all the million mass effect fans, how could bioware make me3 and please everybody? Mission impossible.

I bet most people complaining about me3 ending are the same people who have been whining for 3 weeks, because of the dlc story.

These guys played the game, really liked it,but since they still want to hurt bioware, they came up with this ending conspiracy.

How can half the players say that actually, the end is cool, normal,etc., and the other half just hates it?

Would people like a happy end, where everybody lives, happy, forever,and where Shepard has 100000 children, because he phokd every alien, every female, and even the dog?

At least, Miranda can't have babies, because of some genetic issues.

ironcreed2231d ago

This where Destructoid has no clue, apparently. People are not mad because of a dark ending. They are upset because none of their previous choices mean anything. There is a slight variation of a stock ending that seems so out of place... then it ends on a cliffhanger that just screams, "Stay tuned for DLC!" There is even a plug for it after the post-credits scene.

In other words, there was no real conclusion to a series people have been invested in since 2007. It is clearly set up to give more answers by charging for DLC, when the series should have wrapped everything up and gave people more of a choice, along with an overall feeling of satisfaction to ponder on to conclude the series.

portugamer2231d ago

Ok, i see now.

Sure, a game with a multi million fanbase like mass effect 3, having some dlcs is almost mandatory. They need to make money, and a good dlc is a good way, if they can make people pay 10$ for it.

On mass effect 2, they could make the dlc 'the arrival',not sure about the name.while the story didn't change the main plot, and had no weapons upgrades , it was a nice addition to the main story, and even if played near the end of the game, it would make sense.

But for mass effect 3, it would be impossible for bioware, to make a good dlc, that would extend the main story. For example, they make a good dlc, where you play a mission, on a planet, with peter pan and Donald duck. You play it near the end, but Donald duck is already dead, or the planet disappeared.the dlc would look stupid, with no sense.

So, besides the prothean dlc, which will be a part of the main mission, it will be impossible to bioware to make a dlc, to extend me3 life, since we already know what happened in the game.

Now, and this is the interesting part, NOW, they could make a few dlcs, about 'post me3 ending', to explain a few things, that were left untold, so it prepares the story to mass effect 4.

Just like Activision does with cod games, releasing some new maps , so people can wait until next release,and while these new maps won't introduce next cod game and story, bioware could, and I really hope so, extend Shepard adventure, and release 4 or 5 dlcs, so people start being interested on me4.

I'm playing me2 right now, have been enjoying every pixel, for more then 70 hours of pleasure, and still have half the planets to explore, have 5 or 6 side missions to do, just discovered grunt world, yesterday,(cool, there are some new tech upgrades there), and still need to do the doctor Modin mission, get tali and one other partner, and after all that, I think there is some huge final talk a lot more now, many codex stuff to discover, I think I still have like 10-20 hours of gameplay, on me2, which is great. I just hope it never finishes. But when it does finish, thanks God, I bought me3 collector edition yesterday, and will be able to continue with shepard, instead of waiting 2 years for it, if I had played me2 when it was released.glad I didn't.

All this to say bioware could bring us like 5 -6 dlcs, for me3, during the next 2 years, to slowly prepare us to could be a smart move, and I know Jove the series quite enough, to make me pay for several dlcs.

I payed like 3$, for unlocking all the cues, on the pool psn game, hustle took 3$ and 3 seconds to unlock that content, so, if I have to pay 10$ for a new dlc, every month, for me3, if it can give me 3 or 4 hours more, of pleasure, I will definitely do it.

And please, bioware, give me a 120 hours mass effect 4, on ps4, I will pay 300$ for it, even if I have to save during 2 years, for that game.

Mate, sorry for this long post, but I really like to try to explain my pov, with details, when needed.

Thanks for reading.

eak32231d ago

I blame the old tv show Dallas for starting the whole it wasn't real but a dream thing. Ever since Patrick Duffy left Dallas and then changed his mind to come back movies and now games since then have fallen to the it didn't really happen but it was a dream scenario. It sounds like the current ME3 endings wouldn't be that much of an issue if they hadn't been proclaiming this game as the end of the trilogy. But Nooo lets make most of the game a dream scenario then suck in people for some later DLC and then give them the real ending. I'd be upset also.