Review: Street Fighter X Tekken (New Gamer Nation)

Street Fighter X Tekken does it’s best to combine the two franchises in one game. The plot of the game involves a strange cube falling from space in Antarctica, dubbed Pandora’s Box. It is discovered the cube has immense power and just about every character is after it. Fighting does take place on a 2D platform, with 3D fighters and environments, just as Street Fighter IV. Players choose one character, and are given the tag partner for the fights. Each fight ends when one player’s health bar is fully depleted rather than both. Along with the Street Fighter type power up bar, to pull off a super move, there is a gem system where when activated allows the player to boost the character with a more powerful attack offense, defense, speed, or others. There are multiple slots to use gems, as this is meant to balance the game.

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Smashbro292234d ago

Fighting game reviews by people who don't play fighting games. So what?

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Yeah that was a rather weak review