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nolifeking2260d ago

Looks pretty hectic. I like it.

Marcuskac2260d ago

Like it , love it , buying it.

Tonester9252260d ago

It's funny how people are liking it now. A week ago they were on here Raging Out lol

Marcuskac2258d ago

Well i wasn't.
I dont give a fuck what other people think
And thrust me , everybody will play on this maps although they are small.

-Alpha2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Actually looks pretty OK, but I really want to see more modes-- S&D and CTF specifically, If they want to focus on the spirit of CQC then I want more than just TDM, which is pretty wonky to begin with. A class based game loses the role of classes with CQC maps and modes like this, but may as well hope for the best if this is what they want to focus on.

Know what's fun? Warzone from Killzone, put a bunch of modes together, it'd fit nice in BF, I think, but that wont happen

Hufandpuf2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

I want to see a Search and Destroy type mode so people that like to play objectives will still be able to on these small maps. And the new guns shown so far look great, i saw the ACW-R (I think) at 00:38.

eak32260d ago

Search and Destroy mode is a must. One of my fav game types. CTF would be awesome also.

Akiba962259d ago

Rush is basically search and destroy... only better.

Hufandpuf2260d ago

looks pretty fucking sweet (excuse the language please). Why are their trailers so awesome!?

nolifeking2260d ago

That's exactly what I said. I figured "The map may suck, but I know for damn sure the trailer will rock". I was right.

Hufandpuf2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

lol, i don't think the map sucks though. It has three stories, complete with a roof and basement. If DICE makes the proper adjustments the map could be a blast to play. I had a building fight in Op Metro's buildings near the end of the map and I had a blast. And there's always Armor Kill to look forward too for the huge vehicle oriented maps.

nolifeking2260d ago

OH! don't get me wrong, the map looks awesome. All I was saying was that if it did suck, the trailer would still be Bruce Lee levels of kick-ass.

jetlian2260d ago

looks cool why show this now when june so far away

KimoNoir2260d ago

People will wonder where the dlc support went after back to karkand so its good to confirm they still support this game

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The story is too old to be commented.