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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters: Ziba Tower trailer

The first trailer for the new Battlefield 3 DLC "Close Quarters", showcases a new map called Ziba Tower. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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nolifeking  +   1108d ago
Looks pretty hectic. I like it.
Marcuskac  +   1108d ago
Like it , love it , buying it.
Tonester925  +   1108d ago
It's funny how people are liking it now. A week ago they were on here Raging Out lol
Marcuskac  +   1106d ago
Well i wasn't.
I dont give a fuck what other people think
And thrust me , everybody will play on this maps although they are small.
-Alpha  +   1108d ago
Actually looks pretty OK, but I really want to see more modes-- S&D and CTF specifically, If they want to focus on the spirit of CQC then I want more than just TDM, which is pretty wonky to begin with. A class based game loses the role of classes with CQC maps and modes like this, but may as well hope for the best if this is what they want to focus on.

Know what's fun? Warzone from Killzone, put a bunch of modes together, it'd fit nice in BF, I think, but that wont happen
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Hufandpuf  +   1108d ago
I want to see a Search and Destroy type mode so people that like to play objectives will still be able to on these small maps. And the new guns shown so far look great, i saw the ACW-R (I think) at 00:38.
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eak3  +   1108d ago
Search and Destroy mode is a must. One of my fav game types. CTF would be awesome also.
Akiba96  +   1107d ago
Rush is basically search and destroy... only better.
Hufandpuf  +   1108d ago
looks pretty fucking sweet (excuse the language please). Why are their trailers so awesome!?
nolifeking  +   1108d ago
That's exactly what I said. I figured "The map may suck, but I know for damn sure the trailer will rock". I was right.
Hufandpuf  +   1108d ago
lol, i don't think the map sucks though. It has three stories, complete with a roof and basement. If DICE makes the proper adjustments the map could be a blast to play. I had a building fight in Op Metro's buildings near the end of the map and I had a blast. And there's always Armor Kill to look forward too for the huge vehicle oriented maps.
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nolifeking  +   1108d ago
OH! don't get me wrong, the map looks awesome. All I was saying was that if it did suck, the trailer would still be Bruce Lee levels of kick-ass.
jetlian  +   1108d ago
looks cool why show this now when june so far away
cycofoo831  +   1108d ago
People will wonder where the dlc support went after back to karkand so its good to confirm they still support this game
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1108d ago
What is this call of duty !!
Laxman  +   1108d ago
No, its actually Battlefield 3.
scrambles  +   1108d ago
Yup get ready to CoD up sir! but this time.. DUN DUN DUN it has destruction! Some of the worst maps in BF history are about to be unleashed. With this new brand of BF player BF cant be epic and large it must be CoD. Welp if this sells better than Armored kill then Dice will go "Players must want tiny CoD maps" then BF4 will be all tiny CoD maps and the end game maps will also be tiny CoD maps. People please dont buy it. Its not suppose to be in BF. I am truly disappointed.
ginsunuva  +   1107d ago
Exactly. DONT BUY THIS PACK. EVERYONE BUY ARMORED KILL so dice doesn't think people like cod maps.
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1107d ago
Well said man^^ have a bubble
nolifeking  +   1108d ago
How can you be mad at this? Kudos to DICE for trying to make BF more than a one trick pony.

A one trick pony I've always loved by the way.
nitrogav  +   1108d ago
A week early on ps3 again NICE !!
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   1108d ago
It will always be a week early on PS3...
sak500  +   1108d ago
Reminds of some crysis2 maps. But sure looks good. Glad we wont find many snipers in here but lots of shotgun pumping people.
torchic  +   1108d ago
Crysis 2 maps were perfection imho.

there won't be snipers, yay, but there will be frag round shotty folks everywhere :(
hoju69  +   1108d ago
Ah Sweden. Where even the environments in their games look like everything came from Ikea.
rbluetank  +   1108d ago
lmao... i have been thinking the samething about the IKEA detail furniture... i am going the get this DLC. i like the smaller maps.
R1CAN617  +   1108d ago
That shit was SICK!!!!
MrGunny94  +   1108d ago
Sounds cool... le's see how it turns out CQB maps :) wanna try it in 64 players xD
Farsendor1  +   1108d ago
looks pretty cool but i think im more excited about the vehicle dlc that was talked about but i see nothing wrong with this map.
Kinger8938  +   1108d ago
So metro x4? Am i the only one seeing that? 64 player rush will be unplayable if so, but then it may not support that so will wait and see
swishersweets20031  +   1108d ago
USAS12 +Frag SPAM FEST :(((
Kinger8938  +   1108d ago
In over populated tight maps, hmmm
eak3  +   1108d ago
CQC is only 8v8 so they wont be overpopulated. With this map and it being 3 stories there will be plenty of open space to navigate.
arjman  +   1108d ago
Although close range the frag rounds are ineffective so they could be balanced
Convas  +   1108d ago
Looking forward to it. One things for sure, the killing field will be ripe and juicy. Point gains will be healthy as well.
Elwenil  +   1108d ago
This is nothing more that a kick in the face to traditional Battlefield players. An insult to the people who have supported DICE from Battlefield 1942 until now. why could they not just leave Battlefield alone and use the more "consolized" Bad Company series to try to emulate CoD? What a goddamn joke.
Tonester925  +   1108d ago
What? Do you think they owe you something? 1. It's a video game. 2. It's THEIR video game. 3456789. YOU DON"T HAVE TO BUY IT!
Elwenil  +   1108d ago
Yes, I would say they do owe something to their fans considering it is we who keep them in business. But obviously they don't need us anymore since they have lured the fickle and ADD inflicted CoD fans over. Anyone who has been PC gaming since 2001 and earlier will completely understand my comments. I don't expect the younger generation who is all about fast action and no coherent thought to comprehend the reasons why the traditional Battlefield players are less then enthused by the changes made in recent years.

Battlefield was a team based game on an open battlefield with a variety of weapons and strategies. Now it is becoming just another corridor shooter with everyone using the same weapons and everyone more concerned with ranking up than teamwork, tactics or strategy. What's next, arena maps where each side is a mirror image of the other? Go play Battlefield 2, join a good clan and join their private server and see the huge difference in teamwork and fun compared to the random chaos that BF3 is becoming with every change DICE makes.
Tonester925  +   1108d ago
Okay, So you're saying that in Battlefield 2 there was no such thing as grenade spamming or bunny hopping or cheap weapons that everyone used and Bugs Galore? EVERYONE used teamwork also? Right. And this Call of Duty War is getting old. It's a video game. It's not life threatening. *General Statement*

But, C'mon man. I'm sure Battlefield 2 is a better than great game.That's how everyone talks about it. But it had its flaws too.

Look at COD 3 to COD4:MW they switched the program up. Now look where they are at now. The TOP. and if they aren't at the top they are surely in alot of peoples mouths lol

It's one DLC, they're patching a lot of the game already just like they did Battleifeld 2.

Battlefield 2 released in 2005, the latest patch was in 2009. 4 years later. Just Sayin'
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Elwenil  +   1108d ago
I can tell by your statements that you have never played Battlefield 2. No, there was no problem with grenade spamming or bunny hopping that I can ever recall. Grenades were limited in BF2 and since jumping took a lot off your Sprint Meter, there was no problem with repeated jumping or "hopping". There were some instances of prone diving but again, that was usually only on random public servers with no rules or no admins present.

As for "changing things up", perhaps the real fanbase does not want these changes. I certainly do not. Seems the majority of the people I have talked to that are mature gamers that have played Battlefield for many years are not happy with these changes. Are you not unhappy when your favorite restaurant changes their menu and no longer offers your favorite food? When your favorite car manufacturer changes their best model and makes it look like something completely different? Change can be fine but when you take the things about something that make it great to people, and then change them, remove them or add in things that are not exactly compatible, you are bound to tick off the fans that loved everything before the changes. Go read up on the game Joint Ops and how changes killed that series. Or maybe how many people bought Rainbow Six Lockdown after they made so many changes to the formula the original, Rogue Spear and Raven Shield used. Great sweeping changes have probably killed more games then have made them great.
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artdafoo  +   1108d ago
Make this pistols only, and im in. Reality us it will be full of RPG shotty whores.
ISNeko  +   1108d ago
I always feel like I'm in the BF minority when I enjoy TDM. What's wrong with that? Why can't I enjoy more than one or two types of game modes? Sometimes you just want to wind down and kill people without worrying about other factors. The general populace of CoD fans might be children and immature, and Hell probably came into gaming on CoD, but a lot of BF players come off as stuck up, elitest bastards.
R1CAN617  +   1108d ago
Theres nothing wrong with enjoying a different game type other then the traditional Conquest
im personly hooked on TDM in BF3 no kill streaks, no over powered perks, better balance,dedicated servers and it actually takes skill
its pure gun on gun action so im amped for the TDM ONLY! CQC DLC
As for the traditional BF players dont worry about us frantic TDM guys will be in TDM and you traditional BF guys can continue to enjoy the traditional way of playing in Conquest with the Armored Kill DLC.
dukegodtezza  +   1102d ago
just sad its just not Battlefield :(

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