Why Mass Effect 3’s Ending Was So Damn Terrible

Kotaku - There's an almost universal outrage at the moment over the ending of Mass Effect 3. After playing a series for what's usually over 100 hours, people are very upset at the manner in which the trilogy wound down.

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Double_Oh_Snap1776d ago

What ending? Will explain to those who have yet to pay a lick of attention during supposed ending? Play again this time pay attention to everything.

NewMonday1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

But the reviews rave about the ending, why are fans upset?

No spoilers pleas

001776d ago

Because they make no goddamn sense.

militant071776d ago

*****SPOILER***********SPOILER ******
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the chances of winning against repears goes slimmer and slimmer as you proceed and they still want shepard to end it like a miracle??

ziggurcat1776d ago

@ newmonday:

the fans are upset because they think they're game producers and seem to think that they know better than the people who made the game.

that, and they're whiny little babies who had a much different ending in their narrow, ideologic minds.

raytraceme1776d ago

I love how all scifi shooters in the past year all had the same ending. Crysis 2, Resistance 3, Gears Of War 3, and now Mass Effect 3 all had the rays from a machine destroy all enemies ending.

DragonKnight1776d ago

@ziggurcat: Wrong. The fans know what they like and what they don't like. It has nothing to do with being a producer. And since when does being a producer mean you know what people like and thus tell them what they like instead of frickin' listening to them? Stop riding Bioware's @#$%, they aren't paying you for support.

Tr10wn1775d ago

@newmonday fans are upset because they didnt understand it, the best way to understand the ending is to read the codex and some of the books and comics, other than that people dont like the endings is because non of the ending are

happy endings.

MaxXAttaxX1775d ago

* They're all pretty much bad endings with minor differences.

* Everything is destroyed. 5 years of playing the series leave players unrewarded with no closure.

* Possible $10 DLC for a proper ending may be coming.

Take your pic.

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showtimefolks1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

i know i am no producer or game writer but you mean to tell me after 3 games and more than 70 hrs of single player story excluding side mission that's the best ending bioware could come out with?

and spoiler for everyone there will be mass effect 4, you can pretty much confirm that, watch the ending and after credits

beastlysensation1776d ago

yes, the indoctrination of the ending...there is no ending. Pay attention and youll realize the ending will come later, maybe as dlc? still a very shitty move by bioware

Godmars2901776d ago

Don't want to believe it, but then again both ME1&2 have had connecting DLC to the next chapter, so why not offer the actual closing that way too.

Wonder how Bioware's going to try and spin that? How could they not expect fans to hit the roof if its true?

beastlysensation1776d ago

bioware changed the scrip[t due to the leak earlier this year...the ending we have now i just a place holder for the real ending afterwards...which imo is a lot better and makes a lot more sense. All bioware has to do , is go through with this indoctrination theory and then they can easily continue the ending in the next dlc if they want, but thats only if they want to believe in this theory.

Shadowstar1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Ah, yes, the indoctrination theory. It's clearly the product of a (talented) fanfic author. Just because you like fix-fics doesn't mean they're real. People don't want to face the fact that Bioware really, truly blew it. Maybe the theory will ascend to canon, but it's unfortunately not what they wrote.

The only way I'm going to believe they intended the indoctrination theory all along is if, without a patch or DLC, it shows up in a month or so. Show me it was on the disc the whole time. Then I'll say, wow, Bioware did an amazing job. Otherwise, it's wishful thinking.

Kos-Mos1776d ago

But the producer of the game said it was hard to be a producer.

ElementX1776d ago

All these ME3-ending articles are getting old

deruy3431776d ago

It's getting really boring now. Maybe 1 or 2 was ok..but we're up to about 20 and kotaku is repeating old shit as always

lex-10201776d ago

Unlike most of the other reports Kotaku's article provided a legitimate reason for why they felt the ending sucked. However I am getting rather annoyed with all the articles

Lucreto1776d ago

I said it yesterday its a placeholder ending for the dlc. Broken Steel from Fallout 3 is a president for this.

eak31776d ago

you mean precedent??

Lucreto1776d ago

Yes I was predicted text and I failed to notice the mistake.

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