Uncharted series ships over 14 million units

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has made an announcement regarding shipment numbers for Uncharted.

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-Mezzo-1928d ago

Awesome News.

Came in to see 'Uncharted 3' Numbers. Not Posted =[

Pacman3211927d ago

Approximately 4 million sold. i think.

inveni01927d ago

I'm glad that the devs are being rewarded for their stellar work on the series.

LaChance1927d ago

Halo 3 sold 14 million units.

Nice numbers anyway.

Shikoro1927d ago

What's it got to do with Uncharted, if I may ask?

leahcim1927d ago

Halo is only a generic sadly popular shooter on the contrary Uncharted is a gem in every aspect, we have to be gratefull to god for Naughty Dog existence, the best developers team out there

did you know that Angri Bird has sold more than 100 millions?

is Angry Bird a better game than Uncharted?

inveni01927d ago

Yeah, numbers mean nothing but that the developers are rewarded for what they're doing. 14 million sales for Halo 3 is like giving your dog a treat for peeing on the rug.

Well...maybe it's not that bad, but you get my point.

_Aarix_1927d ago


Uncharted is a gem? Listen, idc about youre opinion on halo but uncharted is easily as generic as well. I mean just the fact it has shooting takes away any possibilities of it being non generic. Throw in some hd tomb raider elements and that basically uncharted in a nutshell. Sometimes you fanboys are heavily misinformed.

YodaCracker1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

According to Metacritic, Halo 3 is higher rated than two of the three Uncharted titles though. And if you're going by the whole franchise, the first Halo is rated higher than Uncharted 2. This is just to show that Halo is not all about the sales, but it certainly has the quality to match.

Congrats to the Uncharted series though, because it is by far the best PS3 exclusive franchise and it absolutely deserves these sales.

Solid_Snake371927d ago

well? My dad is stronger than your dad

dale_denton1927d ago


shinrock1927d ago

halo 3 SOLD.

SheenuTheLegend1927d ago

its like you are saying my cycle gives me more mileage than ferrari
get some life man seriously
halo is nothing just a bunch of people fighting with lasers(i avoided using the word losers)

BubloZX1927d ago

Guess 14 million idiots bought Halo 3 then.

ZBlacktt1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

How many Game of the Year Awards though? zero.

How many Xbox's got the RROD in that time? About 10 million.

THESONYPS31927d ago

Haha, atlest the 14 million copies on uncharted weren't wasted money. Sad that xbox delivers no quality competion. Gears, Halo, Fable dont come close to the quality of uncharted, god of war, killzone, resistance, infamous etc.. Also dont lie halo 3 has sold 8.1million copies.. peace

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LOGICWINS1928d ago

Good to see theres a lot of interest in the franchise. Plan on getting the complete edition if it ever comes out.

Skate-AK1928d ago

Haha at your disagrees like people know what your gonna buy and what your not. I'm sure they will have a trilogy pack.

RememberThe3571927d ago

They're trolling him because LOGICWINS pisses people off.

humbleopinion1927d ago

Logic in general pisses people off. It requires them to stop and think, and this task can be painful for some.

Hicken1926d ago

Logic does not piss people off. It may confuse them for a time, or it may frustrate them, as logic isn't to be applied in all situations.

LOGICWINS is a troll, albeit a sneaky one. and HE certainly pisses people off. But it's rare that his comments- especially those that are supposed to be part of some sort of civilized debate- are based on actual logic.

The high number of disagrees he's gotten on his comment is reflective more of that than anything else. People have no faith in his words, nor should they, as he's proven himself to be unworthy of belief, and a contradictory existence to his chosen name.

Relientk771928d ago

Fantastic franchise, Naughty Dog are amazing developers. Uncharted 1-3 are some of my favorite games this generation for sure.

stonecold31928d ago

proud to own uncharted best game period this generation need more games made like this well done sony and naughty dog.

ladybug71928d ago

it sure is a great game but i really would hate to see this genre ruined by many other developers trying to copy it.

Dannycr1928d ago

I agree and I really hope that the new Tomb Raider feels and looks different than Uncharted.

Agent_hitman1928d ago

Still not enough if you compare it to standalone release of some games like skyrim which sold nearly 5 million on both consoles and PC, or battlefield 3 which sold multi million copies..

Upcoming UC4 alone should sell like 10 million for them to easily brag that UC series a great IP.

Dannycr1928d ago

There's absolutely no need for the Uncharted series to sell 1 billion copies to brag that they are a great IP. US the gamers and the critics already branded the UC series a great IP. The sales will keep moving, and I don't need a sale number to tell me if the game is worth it or not.

ritsuka6661928d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Halo 3 for example sell more than UC series combined. ( around 14.5 M copies sold for consumer)

below@ hipocrity much?

KonaBro1928d ago

both Mario and Gran Turismo have outsold the Halo series. Keep trolling kid.

Cupid_Viper_31927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

*sigh* I really don't like those number touting articles. Release those numbers to the stock traders and investors, but not to gamers, because the "little good" that is intended by releasing those numbers to the gaming community are negated because all we get are "Idiotic comments"

like: "i agree agent.
Halo 3 for example sell more than UC series combined. ( around 14.5 M copies sold for consumer)"

Seriously, we're talking about a series which includes Uncharted 2; The most awarded game in history, and some guys are talking about it not being great because it didn't sell more then 14 million units.

Angry birds just passed 500 million downloads, Should I call Halo Sh!t, or Mario, or Call of Duty all Sh!ts because of that?

Edit: 2 the guy Below me:

I'm afraid I dont know what you speak of, I don't ever recall being in a skyrim article ever, so you must have me confused for someone else. And you not being impressed about angry birds doesn't make the 500,000,000 Downloads less impressive. There are many free games out there, not many can even boast a quarter of that.

And I know that one Halo game selling so much is new to you, but in the playstation family, we've had games selling great numbers ever generation, so please get your facts right.

And where do you get off calling me a kid when your stance seems to back up the illogical comment made above that the Uncharted series can't be considered great because it didn't sell above 14 million units? Thanks old man.

xPhearR3dx1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )


Wait. On all those Skyrim articles, awards meant nothing. Now they mean something because it took 3 Uncharted games to compare to the sales of one Halo game? You kids these days. A revolving circles of excuses being backed up by hypocritical statements.

Oh and FYI, Angry Birds is free. Not $60 like Halo and Uncharted. If the paid version cost $60 and sold 500 million, then I'd be impressed.

BitbyDeath1927d ago

Uncharted has a lot more competition on PS3 than what Halo does on the Xbox.

humbleopinion1927d ago

Quite the opposite @BitbyDeath, quite the opposite.
Check out the number of games released on each platform so far any you'll see.

TheGamingArt1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

You're joking right?
1st off... Halo has been brought up out of no where = fanboy
2nd off 14million is insanely good
3rd off both COD and "Angry Birds" have outsold Halo (does this make Halo irrelevant?)
4rth off.. sales != quality. Number 3 + Halo sales proves that on their own.

and @humbleopinion. Quite the opposite? All I see on the 360 selling like crazy consist of 2 platform exclusives and a bunch of multiplats. I consistently have to choose between exclusives on my ps3. Only an ignorant fanboy wouldn't admit that there's an insane lack of exclusive variety on the 360 to choose from. idgit.

Ares901927d ago

but not as much as Gran Turismo

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nolifeking1928d ago

Really? Your gonna base your argument on the fact that some games released on no more than "3" platforms outsold an exclusive? The straws never stood a chance.

MrBeatdown1927d ago

You can make anything look insignificant if you try hard enough.

And you seem to be trying awfully hard.

KwietStorm1927d ago

Call of Duty sells a bagillion copies every single year, but a lot of people hate it. So what does that tell you about numbers?

AusRogo1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

They can brag about their game being one of the fucking best franchises this gen!

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