Mass Effect 3: Why I Play Paragon

GamingUnion: "The long-awaited conclusion to Commander Shepard's grandiose, galaxy-trotting journey - otherwise known as Mass Effect 3 - has finally hit store shelves, no doubt consuming countless lives and leaving real-world relationships in ruins. We really enjoyed our time with BioWare's latest epic, as you can see in our review, but with a game of such great scope, there's plenty more discussion to be had. Beyond Mass Effect's rich sci-fi universe and strategic third-person combat, shaping Shepard based on your view of morality is a signature selling point for the series. I chose Paragon, and this is why..."

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JDouglasGU2441d ago

Nice guy Shepard is still willing to dive into the gutter to get shit done... I respect that.

blitz06232441d ago

I played ME2 as Renegade female, then paragon male. Would have done 2 playthroughs in ME3 again if only the ending wasn't that bad...

Virus2012441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I'm on my second play through of ME3. I know the ending wasn't great but the game was. I enjoyed the whole game except for the last 10 minutes, but that doesn't mean that I won't give the whole game a second chance. In this situation you just have to enjoy the process while you get to the conclusion.

mephman2441d ago

If I were playing Shepard, I don't think I could stop myself from being paragon. But playing FemShep, you can't help but be renegade.

banjadude2441d ago

Totally agree. I always choose Paragon, Male Shepard first (for any ME game), and then go Renegade Femshep.

TopDudeMan2441d ago

See, I like playing my games on the good side. But some of the renegade button prompt cut-scenes are just bad ass!!! I need to do a playthrough of each.

Hardedge2441d ago

I have yet to try male Renegade Shepard, I think I'll do it after I finish my current playthrough of ME2.

--Onilink--2441d ago

well i played all 3 games full paragorn style to get the "really good ending"... that didnt turned out how i expected....