Tales of Graces f Comes Out Tomorrow - Check Out The Launch Trailer "There's only a day left before the release of the Tales of Series' much awaited Tales of Graces f for the PlayStation 3. Namco Bandai has released the game's launch trailer to celebrate the upcoming release."

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Redempteur2465d ago

Waiting for my copy to ship ...

Lucreto2465d ago

The VA is terrible.

I am playing the Last Story and it is far better than this.

Infernostew2465d ago

Got my e-mail confirmation so I should have this baby either tomorrow or Wednesday. Looking forward to it!

BuffMordecai2465d ago

I gotta buy this, otherwise the tards at Namco will never bring over another tales game.

Summons752465d ago

of course, that is what they say every time, till they get enough complaints.